October 20, 2014

Project Design.......Gallery Wall Finale

Here we go, all the reveals..........



Too lazy to paint the whole wall, but I actually prefer this look. We used Amy Howard 'Credenza' One Step Paint. This effect creates a true focal point
TA DA........
Our shops British Gallery Wall. And as I write this I am in the airport waiting to board for London, hence my homage
Whaling etchings from the early 1800's
A new giclee'
For the love of 3 dimension, which I believe imparts a depth of interest, is this iron fox head. At a long ago English hunting lodge, two stone columns framed the entrance bearing this fox on one and a dog on another. I kept the dog
A new giclee
An er;y 1800's oil from Belgium and of course a pheasant to complete the scene.
The trunk of a viscountess in Dorset England
Imagine an English Barristers country home office...........
Hope you enjoyed!
Being that I have gallery walls on the brain, I just returned from the framers. One of my collections is Ephemera with a massive amount of French documents, letters and envelopes at the moment
 Linen surround

Envelopes dated 1916 sandwiched between glass

 Isirdi, a current artist in France whose work speaks to me. these are massive

 My friend Lisa had the opportunity to go to Cuba. Love the exuberant colors of these movie posters

It has been a whirlwind week, starting off with a jaunt through the High Point Furniture Market. Look at this gallery wall at Bobo Intriguing Objects, divine isn't it?

If you have not already been, check out the reveals of these talents below



  1. Debra,
    I knew I'd love your gallery! The iron fox, the pheasant, the paintings...sigh. Is your pheasant a female? My taxidermy pheasant is colorful and I actually love the subtle browns and white of the one you're sharing.
    Enjoy your time in England, wish I was on that trip.

  2. I ADORE this wall!! So comfortable, cozy and interesting. I love the mix of old and new.

  3. Debra what a gorgeous wall! I love how you taped off a section for that rich color and wow..that mix of artwork is perfect. You've got an amazing eye, I would love to visit your shop.

  4. Love it Debra! So smart to paint the wall in the way that you did and I love your gallery wall arrangement!

  5. Holy Crap! This is fabulous! Seriously that dark green wall is mind blowing....I love it so damn much:) Awesome job!

  6. Debra you outdid yourself!! Absolutely positively amazing...Love that pheasant. I cannot believe that you accomplished this all across the Atlantic as well!!!

  7. Holy smokes, is that ever gorgeous!!! I am in love with what you have done and that yummy green paint is so beautiful...great job Debra, safe travels and have fun!

  8. Okay I tried to post earlier and it disappeared. First of I cannot believe the originality of your gallery wall....I want that Pheasant! Soooooo clever well...I expected nothing less my friend!!!

  9. What a stunning wall, Debra and I love that you incorporated mirrors, paintings and home decor…so interesting. The depth of the green wall makes every image just pop…gorgeous wall and I love your shop! Safe travels!

  10. Wow…so elegant! How creative to paint a section of the wall. It all looks so rich against the deep green!

  11. How classically beautiful! I love love how the green brings a coziness to that area and then the artwork...just stunning! You pulled off the old English feel perfectly. Enjoy your trip!

  12. Showstpopping good!!!! You killed it, Debra!! What beautiful pieces! Safe travels - xo

  13. Debra...what a great idea painting the wall like that...your art is wonderful!

  14. Amazing job,Bravo Debra!!

    The Arts by Karena

  15. Omgosh Debra this is stunning and breathtaking. What a talent YOU are!!! Lovely pieces in your beautiful shop.
    happy travels to you,


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