February 21, 2015

Design on my mind

Well it is always on my mind...keeps me awake at night, in a good way...keeps the blood pumping

Headed to Atlanta this Monday for the Design Bloggers Conference

Who else is going? Would love to meet up with some of my favorite bloggers

And these people......
Michael Patrick Flynn

Alexa Hampton

Bunny Williams

And Key Note speaker, Nate
My friend Luba of the Boston area, is with the firm who organizes this event. Heads-up Luba, I will be asking for some introductions. Hope you can get out of town!

From Atlanta I head west to Memphis for a retreat with the Amy Howard decorative finish line. A hands-on session with the new product line up

Am particularly excited about the VENETIAN PLASTER, 2D EMBOSSING STENCIL and
 GREAT NEW STENCIL PATTERNS for furniture, walls and fabric.
New techniques will also be taught and one just learned is reverse painting on glass with lacquer sprays and water

Nice isn't it? Watch for a future post with instructions and the decorating options.

Up for a BEFORE and AFTER?
Here's a current favorite

What we have here is a builders special; black granite surround and a rather odd mantle which is so out of place with this massive wall. The two rustic columns on the side were set there as a potential design element.......nope.

 Four of these boys, found in Atlanta, are vintage Belgian Draft horse bog shoes
Tiny mantle, gone. In it's place is a vintage fireplace surround found in Tennessee, a gorgeous Tiger Eye and Burled Maple with a beautiful patina of age. Hubby Steve, built a surround above the mantle, this is one tall wall! 
Those criss cross shadows are from the overhead woven egg basket chandeliers.
Can you spy the wet bar to the far right? 
In it's reincarnation it will be a Whisky Bar, with custom chalk art and rustic floating shelves from Thailand.


In formation with a vintage Prune Dryer from Provence, a one piece hand carved wooden chain, et al, makes for a big change, don't you think?
If I get my act together would like to bring a professional photographer in. Another plus from the Amy Howard retreat will be lessons in photography so you will not have to endure low quality images.....well, I hope

Going to the conference in Atlanta? Let's meet up, drop me a line

The winner of this book is Carolyn, enjoy!

February 19, 2015

Ready for another book review? Ready for Spring? Temp here today?  -30

The all new revised and updated edition is THE definitive source on gardening from the brand southern gardeners have turned to in nearly 50 years.
This completely redesigned and updated tome features over 1,700 beautiful color photographs and over 7,000 featured plants, many of which this northern gardener seriously covets.
It is all here in one glorious resource
Every section delves deeply into a topic and provides the reader with every detail one might need
A treasure trove of Q & A's, design, care, disease, ..........
I can never see wisteria without the memory of traveling to Charlottesville, Va. for a design project. Seeing wisteria in bloom everywhere, I gasped but was quickly corrected "Do not even think of suggesting that WEED for my garden!" One mans weed is another's fantasy......
Interested in veggies? From the simple carrot to the exotic and heritage varieties, in ground to containers, it is all here
Seasonal checklists guide the reader irregardless of your level from beginner to seasoned professional
This edition is bigger and bolder, covering every imaginable topic with hundreds of hints and tips

This is the single most authoritative source for gardening in the South. A reference book that will be at your side until in a state of tatters, nothing goes unaddressed. This northerner wants a Northern Living. Leave a note, one very lucky reader can add this treasure to your collection.

 Meanwhile, back in Illinois........
It is annual season, ordering for Spring is complete and wanted to share great news in case you did not hear
Big news in the horticultural world, a promising option to the disease ravaged impatiens of the past three years. Downy mildew nearly ravaged one of America's favorite annual. After years in trials they are ready for their introduction this Spring.
  -  14-20" high and wide
  -  5 available colors
  -  Called Bounce because they are quickly revived if stressed.
  -  morning sun, afternoon shade is optimum

With warm thoughts,

February 11, 2015

Want to get away? I DO.......


Hello! Anyone remember me?
Strangely, my computer decided to play games with me, frustrate me and incite violent thoughts..........

 Has this happened to anyone else?

        -I could not post a blog as it was hijacked by Scentimental Notes (??) and I did not have the password........REALLY!!!  Who is Scentimental Notes?
        -If I was able to reply, I appeared as Scentimental Notes, Begging for Attention,
        or  Puddin was Murdered ....... SERIOUSLY??!!

My right arm, Agnes, seemed to have fixed this mess.
Lots to catch up on..........

    Thoughts of getting away are much more pleasant, and with that I present our trip for 2015


With many more details available and additional plans in the works, drop me a line if interested. This has just been posted and we now have 7 available spaces left

 Picking up where we last left off.......the winner of the Markham Decorating book is Leslie Harris! Please forward your details Leslie

Debbie Freitag, still waiting for your mailing details!

Two more books have been added to my review line up, will get back to that on my next post.......8 more to go!

               France inquiries and book details can be addressed to debra@scentimentalgardens.com

                                                              With affection, 
                                                  (AKA Puddin was Murdered)
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