January 5, 2015

'DECORATING THE WAY I SEE IT' by Markham Roberts

Our second book review and give away is the outstanding decorative coffee table book on the life's work of renown designer Markham Roberts
 Known for his ability to work within any design vernacular, Markham Roberts brings a fresh approach to both traditional and contemporary styles
 It is the true art of the blend with varying styles in furniture, textiles in layered patterns and color in rich and bold combinations
 His work can be found around the world where he is often viewed as the very definition of chic
 Influences from across oceans combine in crafting a true global influence

 Orange happens to be my favored color for bold accents and Mr. Roberts seemingly agrees as you will notice repeated use of this palette.
This is a book to read and re-read as his richly textured designs reveal their individual nuances. This is easily my favorite design book in years!
Mr. Roberts crafted the book as a design process, layer by layer revealing the basics; floor plan, furniture layout, color palette, textile selections, with the incorporation of objects and art.
The book next leads the reader through a discussion on architecture, landscaping and gardens, showing the importance of the interrelationship between the interiors and the exterior. A man and principal I strongly eschew.
Finally he pulls all the pieces together using his own country house in the Hudson Valley
 You will be WOWED by this richly detailed book; learn from a master while enjoying Mr. Roberts personality and wit.
To win a copy you must be a follower of this blog and leave a comment. It will be difficult to part with this treasure chest of design empowerment.

So here I am in Atlanta with 2 weeks of shopping ahead of me and Day 1 was a winner. Seems as though my focus is natural wood, well for today it was. 

 These set my heart on fire. Would anyone have guessed that these are vintage draft horse mud shoes? No? Well I was baffled and intrigued. Apparently in regions where horses are working in a muddy/bog area these shoes prevent sinking
As a collection they make quite the statement, happily!
Often times you will see these trunks balancing on three legs. What to do when a leg breaks? GENIUS! But that is Lisa for you
A brilliant vignette, don't you think?!
The first two items already have a home with two interior clients but my trailer remains very empty

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The winner of the Gardens of the Garden State is Debbie Freitag. Get in touch with your details!

January 2, 2015

'GARDENS OF THE GARDEN STATE' Book Review and Give Away

Isn't January the perfect month for reading books? And it's the perfect time for me to provide reviews for five garden and interior design books I have been holding back on. If you have been with me for awhile, you will know that once I write a review I love to give the books away.
So let's begin with a garden book and dream of flowers and their garden homes in the coldest season.
Monacelli Press takes us away with Gardens of the Garden State, by Nancy Berner and Susan Lowry with stunning photographs by Gemma Ingalls.
 The most densely populated state in the nation is aptly named 'the garden state', for a reason. It's temperate climate makes it possible to grow a wide range of plants along with a series of complex topography
 The terrain ranges from glacier swept endpoints, mountains, rolling hills, coastal plains and flat basins. I would personally love for these glacier boulders to reside in my flat Illinois garden.

 The authors selected 28 private and public gardens and began an 18 month odyssey documenting the beauty found
View formal gardens of merit to wildlife gardens to a lighthouse garden near Cape May
 The diversity of interest will captivate you and take you away, to dream and plan.
 Visit the largest public Iris garden in the country
 Most intriguing to me are the peaks into private gardens and photographers Emma and Andrew Ingalls capture them at their best, expressing the designers particular point of view
For further reviews and a guaranteed delivery see this lovely tome HERE
Now, all you have to do to win this book is leave a comment. A random generator will chose the fortunate recipient.
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Good luck!

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