February 24, 2012

COLOR.....Are you in?

Are you embracing the latest Color Trend? After years of the muted 'Belgian' look and a dour economy, just maybe this is what we need to brighten our outlook. What do you think?

Everywhere we look...........fabrics

The trends in flower development is a sharp infusion of intense color

Flora Grubb's in San Francisco

A favorite.......the British Morris Minor. Remember turquoise cars? Well, even turquoise appliances?
I'm wondering if that would ever return? That I would ignore!


                                                              Would you go this far?

Fashion is easy.......Tiring of my basic black, I welcome a wardrobe switch
You could enter slowly with a signature piece for "pop"
                                                               Or total immersion

Inspiration is everywhere

Nature in particular is a huge source of inspiration

creeping thyme and grass checkerboard

                                                                     Are you in?

Happy Weekend, enjoy the Oscars!

February 14, 2012

The Nashville Garden and Antique Show 2012

My annual pilgrimage to Nashville for the Garden and Antique show never fails to inspire, tease,  spring cannot be too far behind (Nashville maybe....Chicago, not at all) and induce a covetess nature. I want it all!
The entry garden. Beautifully acknowledged this years theme of 'Color' but these grass like men were both ingenious and creepy......to me that is.
Nothing appeals to me more than an allee of trees

These massive containers were dressed in strips of Redwood skins

One of the premier speakers at this event was Eddie Ross. The lecture was brilliant, the speaker engaging and the content doable for all.........but that, we know, is his forte
Let's walk through the stunning booths together........you'll see where i began coveting

Simple elements take on a curated look against a white background and the appropriate lighting
Three long strands of farm equipment chains. When individualized they will make great coat hooks in my foyer

Favorite booth by ' Garden Variety' of Nashville.

See what I mean, she is good, very very good

This inspired me to repeat this with outdoor containers but with spilling plantings instead of sphagnum moss

My friends Mary Bairstow of Atlanta and Murielle of Paris shared a booth. Mary is renown for her basket lights
With the evocative art by Andrea Costa
A surprisingly comfortable chair from vintage rugs
Murielle's furniture is all Parisian. She strips the ordinary brown stain, bleaches the wood and viola!

Just adore these miniature gardens where everyone can become a landscape designer
An evocative figure found buried, for at least a century, in Mexico
 More farm implements. Here turned into wall art/vine support
 Obelisks.........in ground or in containers.........an all important vertical ornament
Hope you enjoyed the mini "tour"and shared in a moment of Spring!
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