October 30, 2013

Hauntingly beautiful Edinburgh

On the eve of Halloween, I am in the hauntingly beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland. 
As always when I travel, I find myself, once again, at the local cemetery. 
Odd, perhaps. 
This history and architecture buff finds solace and beauty, sadness and touching saga's reaching ever forward.
 A place of artistry
and the macabre.

The beauty of the stone masons, the architects and the wordsmiths

Touching epitaphs from bereft husbands laying bare the depth of their soul and their love, for eternity

 Tales of bravery in battles fought through the ages

 Admired the artistry of the copper plaque

 Naturally a storm was brewing, swirling winds kicked up the leaves, somewhere far below, the faint whispers of a bagpipe. The skies darkened to a moody grey.........ahhh, Edinburgh

Ok, we could use a wee bit of levity here. Can anyone guess who this handsome lad works for?
Hint; notice the print.........
If you guessed the Hotel Missoni, you are correct!

Halloween cheers!

PS: To the dismay of the older generations this very American holiday has reached the British shores. To the younger generation, sheer frivolity and new traditions in the making

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