August 28, 2013


 So many design books by so many designers enter and pass through my mind with minimal notice, occasionally my attention is snagged and my interest piqued. Then here comes the publication of the design tome of Tom Scheerer's work, a triple win with the inspiration of Tom's aesthetic, written by Mimi Read, whose articulate prose and probing mind makes a great read only enhanced by the photography of Francesco Lagnese.  Brilliant!

In advance of the September 10th release, take a sneak peek with me and as usual I am always fond of giving away my reviewed books, simply leave a comment.
Per the author, Mimi Read, "His decorating looks a great deal like him. It's tall and commanding but often quiet. It's smart, correct and breezy, chic, well edited - and just a touch eccentric. It balances." 

In an age in which houses exhibiting unchecked exuberance, high drama, or conspicuous luxury get all the attention, he has cultivated his own more restrained brand of chic, a look he describes as "cheerful" and "no nonsense". Refreshing isn't it?
But his rooms are so much more.........
Whether urban, country or beach there are ever present, the element of organic nature with a  classicism, old fashioned decorating and a clean modernist sensibility. This entryway would please me personally to come home to.......stunning in a quiet way 

Channel Albert Hadley, David Hicks and Billy Baldwin that he updates with his own life experiences and his era

Tom Scheerer is known to favor natural material particularly pecky cypress, cork and stone, cuban swirl tiles and of course, found objects
Mad for this wallpaper pattern, a signature in his rooms

This delicious coffee table book is difficult to giveaway, but like items in my shops, a moment of possession is all i need.
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August 18, 2013


ATLANTA..........Mecca for Design
Finally getting around to sharing what captured my eye, come join me!
 My brilliant friend Lisa has an eye like no other, anywhere. During her antiquing excursions to France her eye will look at something in such a fresh way. Her ability to see a repurpose in an object is unparalleled. Case in point.....what would you do if you came across 100's of floor slabs salvaged from an ancient church in Belgium? Would you see tables? Lisa did and after a few years she is down to these. One single and one triple came back to the shop with me
 Let's do it come across woven filtration mats for olive oil, originating in Spain. Do you say to yourself "This mat would be a great table?!"  For me, not in a million years!
 Her metalworker is kept very very busy

The innovative Westside Urban Market has killer restaurants and shops surrounded by creative grounds

 We have a contemporary landscape installation upcoming where we will square the tree canopies

 Lighting effect created with ceiling chandelier surrounds at the giftmart

 Loved these books
 For an interior client this photographic series for a large white wall with a soaring ceiling

 You have probably seen these glass hanging containers before, typically embellished with air plants. Housing a battery operated votive was interesting to me. Wouldn't these be pretty tucked into your Christmas tree?
 What makes this an appealing arrangement are the textural contrasts and multi-colored foliage
Atlanta is full of artisans. Here is a table top my friend Dave crafted from real zinc. I purchased several and have one remaining waiting for a perfect base
 A 7' garden statue circa 1920, was soooo tempted to bring her home
 Circa 1930 secretary. Love the lines and the color combination

 Pallet art. In a beach or lake cottage
 The next three images are from another artisan friend, Mary. Photographic mages manipulated, enlarged and coated in a high gloss resin.

The Kate Moss is particularly intriguing. Each tiny block is of one of Mary's photograph's. What I love is the personalization she can craft. With any image she will create this graphic. Imagine these of your children

Am embracing the trend of multiple chandeliers, particularly hung low
In front of the Ritz Carlton.......simple and eye-catching.

Wishing you a wonderful week!


August 4, 2013

Design Inspiration......Restaurants

In childhood my parents allowed me to choose restaurants while traveling. This assignment was taken very seriously and my requirements were inflexible;
-no chains
-had to be very attractive from the exterior and follow suit with the interiors
-had to be indigenous cuisine
We are talking a 9 year old here! What were my parents thinking?!!  But what a skill I honed and how I loved that responsibility.......Today I can spot a great restaurant miles away.....with a little help from siri.

My requirements have not changed and when I discover a restaurant with excellent food and inspiring design, I am hooked
  Restaurant design is an fascinating industry. Often the the big city designs embody high drama, and radical flourishes. We can however derive inspiration and pinpoint elements to spice up our own homes.

 Come with me to visit some of my personal favorites for outstanding food and great atmosphere via design

The Atlanta gift show brought me back to town for an extended stay. A local friend took me to a hot new restaurant, King + Duke 
My eyes were busy soaking up the decor, warm, inviting, hip and brimming with ideas. Love the lighting!
Have you noticed of late the explosion of chalkboard art? This can add to the art and mirrors that may adorn your walls, while providing a personal touch.
This window treatment will be presented to a client. A simple rod, circle hardware, chains with small curtain clips holding the curtain panels. Wonderful in a high ceilinged room

This Chicago must, if you can secure reservations, demanded my attention the moment I walked in. The primary wall was charred, a deep coal black. Could that ever be transferred to your home? Probably not, but I tip my hat to such originality

This Chicago seafood favorite boasts terrific food that transports you to the shore
Vertical board, lacquered, three dimensional appearing tile and a chandy I wish were clearer in this image; a mass of rope and glass ball lights intertwined in a masterful twist, reminiscent of a found tangle on the beach
Chalk art again
The same chalkboard with a different image. Notice how it is recessed and lit from within

An intimate find in NYC. These floors are seriously covetable 

Can't you just see this tile/wood treatment in a kitchen where the tile serves as an "area" rug under table and chairs? An easier take-away are these massive greens/stems in clear vases, soaring towards the ceiling. Simple and dramatic at the same time.

How much does design influence your decision when dining out? Share with us your favorite that satisfies you both visually and gastronomically, would love to hear.

 Have a great week!

Amy Howard before and after
September workshop schedule to follow, including a day at my home, barn and gardens, learning and transforming a piece you bring.
Good lines, very orange wood

That hard cabinet-like finish
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