May 27, 2018

Top 10 Hydrangea & a few new!

When a new landscape client contacts us, the first step is to give them our 5 page survey. We want to understand their needs, wants and  desires. One question is "what are your favorite plants?" HYDRANGEA’S makes the list almost every time.
"What plants do you dislike?" They have never been on that list

Hydra in Latin = water, and they sure do love moisture

Here are my favorites, tried & true, in clients gardens, and in mine. 

Did you know there are 4 types? Actually 5, but I do not care for the Serrata variety, so there.....

0 Arborescens

Hands down, the INCREDIBALL!

Once this variety came out, I have not turned back. Remember the ANNABELLE? This is the improved version, the heads are much larger and…….they do not flop!

How about this, introducing the WEE WHITE!
A miniature version, looks like a bouquet of hand held flowers. Reaching to only 1 1/2 - 2’, the design opportunities are endless, in ground or containers
New! Meet the Mini-Mauvette. 
Purple/Mauve heads cover a diminutive plant of 3’ x 3’
Particularly cold hardy &; floriferous. 

0 Macrophylla

Ahhhh…..the blues

When I think of the Eastern shore, Nantucket in particular, I become supremely jealous. The blue tones are soil based; acidic  Here in Illinois, our soil is alkaline = pink hydrangeas
There are many soil remedies out there to change pinks to blue. Have at it I say, you may get really really lucky, most times, no such luck
My fav of this family is the LET’S DANCE series. Pinks, purples & blues that reliably rebloom. The ENDLESS SUMMER has been a big disappointment, not performing as advertised, at least in zone 5, not re-blooming reliably as promised

0 Paniculata

Strong, solid shrubs, the Paniculata’s boast a wide variety in varying heights & characteristics, the identifier is the large cone shaped flowers. Always opening white, they take on a degree of pink to red tones as cool weather prevails. 
Bobo  A lovely small variety. As do most, the cone shaped blooms start white, to pink. This variety is 24-36"h by wide

Vanilla Strawberry Stunning right?! As most start blooming mid summer, this beauty begins early June with colorations that defy nature. Growing to 6-7'h x 4-5'w

This and most Paniculata's come in tree form....smashing!

Diamond Rouge. White, turning pink to red, all at once. A great size for the garden; 4-5’h x 3-4’w

Little Limelight
Great size at 3-4’ x 3-4’, get color. White to chartreuse, to pink

 0 Petiolaris

Climbing Hydrangea. 
Flat white petals open in summer, did you know they can grow to 40+’? My husband is forever banned from using a chain saw as reckless abandon "overtook" him when he cut down mine

Here’s a tip….These boys need shade, plant on a north wall, maybe an east wall. And that is it
Come winter the undulating cinnamon bark adds winter interest
Love this application, over a stone wall, or fence, or embankment

0 Querqufolia

The darlings of a shaded garden, majestic with enormous leaves which turn burgundy in Autumn, and massive flower panicles, some exceeding 18"
All start out white, turning mauve to red as fall weather approaches. They range in size of 2’ to 15’

Need height? Try 'Alice Snow Queen' up to 15' x 7-8’w

A miniature? Seek out 'Munchkin' at 24"h x 24"w

The best part is bringing the flowers in, making gorgeous bouquets, the trick is cutting them at just the right time. Cup your hands around the blooms, if they feel a bit like crepe paper, they are ready to cut, too soft and they wilt immediately
Put the cut stems in a vase filled with cold water. As the water evaporates, the stems are dried, viola!

                       Happy weekend everyone!

                               With love

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