August 21, 2014

Woofs, Wamps and Kisses......

Lucky are those with a loving home and doting family
With an abundance of hugs, kind words, warm beds, plentiful food and an array of toys...and a bed would be nice too, please
Far too many are abandoned, tossed aside and in need of rescue. This is where we can come together and help

This local organization, H.E.L.P. is the beneficiary. Over the years, two of our cats came from H.E.L.P., an organization that rescues and places pets in foster homes for loving care until they are adopted, for as long as it takes. All medical care, food and housing is provided by volunteers and donations. 
Nearby? Come and enjoy the fun!! This Saturday August 23rd from 10:00 until 5pm, is our first 
Dog Days of Summer event
                                                   A portion of all sales will be donated
Our uber talented artist, Sandra Mehl will be here drawing.....commissions are available

Renown dog photographer Nancy Villwock will be there taking portraits in the garden or in her imaginative vignettes within the shop
Yes, this too!
Dog art

Toys and treats
Monogramed collars.
A toile gift bag donated by the generous 'Harry Barker' Company
A 'WOOF' dog bed donated by Annie Selkie of Dash and Albert
Had to share......a 'WAMP' coming soon from Dash and Albert
Come in costume, prizes for each entrant. All pooches welcome. Actually, dogs are always welcome in the shop
Most of all, knowing that you helped, means the world to many

We hope you can join us and Cooper, ready to sell kisses. 
Photograph by Nancy Villwock

August 4, 2014

Entertaining children..... in the garden

Pre-computers, pre-video games and with only 5 or 6 TV stations to choose from and NO central air.......summer as a child was all outdoors. From early morning until the fireflies stopped, our imaginations were on all cylinders with nature taking the leading role.

Not so these days. When my nephews were small and came to vacation at our home, I was thrilled at the adventures we could provide; a massive tree with branches to the ground (instant fort), a winding creek, pool with diving board, the woods and acreage to explore.......
"We want to stay inside and play video games!" 
I am grateful for my childhood summers as the idle time forced our imaginations into overdrive and set me on my career path.
Our father properly sowed the seeds........our own vegetable gardens to do as we wished. "Choose any vegetables you want!" he proudly proclaimed as we stood at the seed rack with a new found interest in veggies. He was magically brilliant!
 He built us a play house with my first window boxes to plant and first interior to decorate!
Engage your children, your grandchildren, hey ourselves, to explore the possibilities nature provides
Those take away chicken containers become mini greenhouses

Growing pumpkins or gourds? While the fruit is still small, lightly carve their name into the skin. They will love to watch their pumpkin grow as their name expands
Every kids dream. On second thought, I could go for this, think cocktails, conversation, and candles, the three 'C's'!
A shallow stream bed draws dragonflies, turtles, butterflies and frogs
Use Morning Glories!
Bok Choy in food coloring
Have been recommending this to clients for YEARS, those children now have children. The original and the best

Goes for all of us doesn't it? And the real reason I wear dark gray nail polish......


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