June 27, 2009

Time to get our drink on!

And what better way than with the very British "Pimms Cup".

The anglophile in me would naturally glom onto this summer staple of the highbrow set. Wimbledon proudly sells 80,000 half-pints each year. What is it you ask? Well really only three, yes three, people truly know. A well-kept secret since 1859. What we do know is that it is gin based, the Pimms No. 1, that is. Do not bother with #2, #3.................THIS IS THE FAVORED.

So, back to Eddie Ross ( notice how i keep bringing that up :-)

When we found out Eddie and Jaithan were coming to the shop I read that Eddie liked Pimms, in luck, my speciality! And many calls later asking for the recipe, here it is;

Per glass;

1 jigger Pimms No. 1
1 jigger white rum
lemon soda, typically not found in the US, do not substitute ginger ale. Target sells lemon soda

and fruit, lots of fruit; cucumber spear (a must)
garnish with mint.


I prefer to make it in giant pitchers. Add to taste the ingredients, let the fruit sit for an hour or two and pour.

have a summer cocktail party, invite and make new friends, cheers!

June 22, 2009

Strength in Numbers

"In union there is strength"

This year, 2009, is my 20th year in business. The learning curve was, and still is, huge. The rewards beyond measure. My company is my only child, my heart and soul. Gratitude is an enormous component, via my business I have made countless friends, lost a few, shared our lives and grown together. My blessings are counted daily.

And again, together, we will tough out the economy. Old patterns will be modified, I will learn to shift gears, you may see changes but that is the cycle of life. By and large I am happy to say we are "still in the game", thanks to you. But do I ever worry, absolutely, we all do.

A recently discovered organization has grabbed my attention, full on strength. Read below;

learn more here (or to read without a magnifying glass)

Together, those of us that can, have a responsibility to actively support our favorites. My three businesses are;

Town House Books and Cafe in St. Charles, Illinois. Here

Sandra Webster clothing in Geneva, Illinois. Here

Moveable Feast in Geneva, Illinois. Here

June 14, 2009

Hands of Hope

This beautiful setting is the gardens surrounding the pool at Vicky Wauterlek's home, founder of 'Hands of Hope'.
Annually she opens her gardens along with several other generous homeowners in the bucolic suburb of Barrington Hills, Il.
This major fundraiser for her organization is this Friday and Saturday June 19th and 20th.

Laurette Grove, shown above, is a volunteer on one of the trips to Africa. Helping women and children in impoverished nations seek medical care and an education. Funding additionally helps build wells, an amazing resource for a region. Here is what I personally admire; 100% of the proceeds goes to their foundation, 100%!

The following snaps are peeks into the grand beauty of this property. As a garden tour guide in England I have to say this setting rivals many of the famous gardens of England.

In addition to the garden tours enjoy the market of quality vendors, such as Scentimental Gardens! Find a bargain at their upscale flea market, enjoy lunch in the garden.........be inspired.
To learn more visit here.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has"
-Margaret Mead

Join me for a demonstration on creating garden party tablescapes. Friday and Saturday at 1pm

June 11, 2009

let's think of something else for the moment....

Imagine this for a moment; you are a new blogger, you collect pictures for months, the thrill of a lifetime...............yes, for me it was...............Eddie Ross is in town and he has accepted an invitation to a cocktail party at your shop!!!!!........AND.............after a magical day and evening you realize your CAMERA IS GONE! ugggghh

So, until I plead for others photo's to share with you, let's talk about something else. We will get back to Eddie and Jaithan's visit.

Dream Houses

There is a site for buying and selling historic homes in all price ranges. Here are a few that caught my eye. Here

Lambertville, Pa.
Stone house overlooking the Delaware River. Newly renovated kitchen and bathrooms,
and 5 fireplaces!

Gettysburg, Pa.
Revolutionary and Civil War period stone and log home on 5+ acres
Bid for auction

Vernet Les Bains, France
6 bedrooms in the foothills of the Pyrennes by Perpignon. Walk to the Mediterranean.
$483,000.00 USD

Lynchburg, Virginia
1875, 1191 s.f.
Possession of Va. housing authority and in Homesteading program. Comply with their renovation standards and this could be yours.
Yes, a buck, house and land!

Eddie......sigh...........stay tuned!

June 2, 2009

Entertaining Eddie

Watch this man! Eddie Ross (Bravo's TOP DESIGN, Martha Stewarts Senior Style Editor, House Beautiful style editor)

He is a force of talent in so many arenas; entertaining, design, floral, antiquing, repurposing, crafting.......etc, etc.

Eddie and his partner, the additionally talented Jaithan Kochar, are coming to Chicago, the Kane County flea market in particular.
Saturday, June 6th, these genuinely nice guys will guide many of us through the market with their keen eye. I am beyond excited and open to "seeing" with new eyes.

His showcase at the New Orleans Home and Garden Show

Searching at the Scott's antique market

A clever creation from his flea market find

A few sprigs of baby fern bring a table setting to life. Simple and elegant

Another of Eddie's tablescapes. The drama of the forsythia branches are pulled thru-out the setting with the yellow tones in the bakelite utensils and the underlying tablecloth

You will see this man everywhere, soon. Sign up for Eddie's blog to be inspired and to stay in touch. When he comes to Chicago again you too can join Eddie and Jaithan.
will post photo's next week :-)

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