October 1, 2014

All over the Map

Can you spell ADD? How about ADHD? 
It is the way I am wired, good or bad, depending on the day. My passions fly from here to there and beyond, hence this past week. However as luck would have it, my career allows for such "dis"array!
Here's a glimpse into last week
For another post, we can discuss my utter addiction to Pinterest. Found the above image, minus any credits, and what a response, "pinned"  by the thousands. No other image received such interest. Awaiting for a client to do this with.........
An interesting project is a client re-doing her kitchen and adding another in the lower level complete with pizza oven, bar, keeping room and media room...... with an old world Italian ambiance. Shared with her this image found on Pinterest and we both fell in love. Just so happens I save the darndest things in my barn and have a hand hewn beam in just the right size. Next step, contacted our blacksmith and away we go.......stayed tuned. (yes, have a blacksmith, Luco, from Italy....perfect!)
This client wanted her kitchen dining table top painted in Amy Howards Paint, 'Atelier', my favorite gray. (I know, looks cream in this image). Her instructions were followed. Then she no longer liked the effect and asked me to make it more "interesting", wanted to see "depth." Understood, now how to get there...... I brought the Amy Howard dark wax, her black paint, and a prayer.
While being watched we decided no to the dark wax and yes to a wash of black.
So 50/50 later of water and paint I began to brush on this wash.....bubbled up.....having been previously waxed. BUT, Amy's paint adheres to anything. As  I continued to brush it still bubbled. Grabbing a cotton t-shirt type towel I spread it in long smooth strokes, hallelujah! Not seeking a uniform look but one of age, the result is uneven with additional paint added to the edges for further depth. Steel wool evened out the paint and brought on a glow for the ultimate resemblance of zinc...PHEW!
I am envisioning this on paneled walls, what do you think?

Love when the upholsterer calls to say a project is finished! This chair 'before' is a Henredon, c 1970's, excellent condition, dated upholstery. Again, waiting in my barn for it's someday makeover
 A short while later this English stool was added for it's "someday" (yes, my barn is a treasure trove)

Ghastly photo but you get the idea? My client, "the bachelor" loves it. The wood on the stool was sprayed in Amy Howard black lacquer which is a nice contrast to the nubby linen. Looking forward to sharing some of his Before and Afters, think college graduate (crates)  to urban sophisticate.
(Yes, I know the rug looks too small.......other plans)
A favorite clients kitchen was on a walk for food pantry charity. The garden was readied for it's debut.
From the beginning this was a dream client who gave artistic freedom and was open to suggestions.
As this home was under construction, an issue arose changing direction. The home was lower than the street which raises red flags for future drainage issues. Dilemma's are often embraced, well not always, but by and large they present interesting design solutions that one may never have thought of before. Your wings are stretched. So, in this case, a gurgling pond below the sidewalk, it's depth allows water to have a place to go in a heavy rain. The design factor.....HIGH!

A signature.......clipped and shaped yews as seen under the window box

Isn't this stunning? Working with another client who hates her dining room chandelier and wants to "be different". We are choosing a pair of these lamps versus a chandy. She has an extra leaf that will be cut into two. The two cut sides will reside on either side of the center leaf......still with me? A floor outlet will be installed under the table, two holes with grommets will be drilled into these leaves for the cord to go down to the outlet underneath. These beauties are 39" high x 11" wide. Their height will make a presence, their ambiance, warm and engaging
A romp in the woods to clear my head and get close to nature......Bittersweet harvest time! Whether you grow your own or find an abandoned source, country roads always yield... now is the time to pick. No need to wait until they open on their vine
 Lay the stems single file in the sun and watch them open
As long as nature was calling, a visit to friends cabin in Wisconsin brought us to a family operation for goat cheese, alas, this is a male with "little purpose" looking for a home. We bonded. Strongly. Not only do I find myself in need of a Nook (last weeks post), I find myself in need of goats......after all I do have a barn! Steve's list is rapidly expanding.......care to wager what comes first, if at all, a nook or goats?!

Happy October!



  1. Debra you DO have lots going on and I love it all! You have given me some ideas and now my mind is percolating away!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. I love the table..it came out so good..aren't you glad!

  3. So many clever ideas you have! The table turned out so nicely and the garden is just gorgeous! And, I vote for goats, if Steve is on board... :-)

  4. The outdoor look at this house and the garden look like they come from a fairy tale, so magical. The table and chairs are gorgeous, great work!
    Home cleaners Kensington

  5. Hi Debra - I just pinned that bathroom too. It's from a home in North Falmouth, Massachusetts and the design is by Casabella Home Furnishings & Interiors. You can see the entire home on that website.

    This post is packed with wonderful things, Debra. The table is gorgeous--truly an artistic effect with the paint and wax.

    Happy Fall,

  6. I love how that table turned out! Also, what a great high design purposeful solution for drainage in the landscaping of that beautiful home.

  7. Brilliant post, Debra. I do always look so forward to them and love when they bounce hither and yon from gardening to design. Can not wait to see those lamps on the table. Your solution and innovation is just invigorating and infectious! More, more, more!!!

  8. Debra,
    As one OCD person to another...be still my heart on the landscape you created for your client, gurgling pond and all. I felt certain, before reading your text, that the home would be found somewhere in England...the Cottswolds, perhaps?

    I love all the projects you have completed and are working on. That OCD trait often comes in handy for multi-tasking with a host of clients.
    Beautiful, Debra.

  9. Now I know why I like you so much! #1 I am "all over the map" all the time. #2 I bet your barn is like my "garages". I am a collector/hoarder! Love all of your ideas as always my dear!!

  10. Love the lamp and the bittersweet. Bittersweet always reminds me of my grandmother. Good luck with the goat ;)

  11. Hey Debra, it's great to see what you do when I stumbled over to your blog here ( from Pinterest, I confess). Your ideas are all beautifully carried out from the posts today! I love how your table turned out and it would work nicely as a wall accent. The garden is marvelous & those lamps in the table design --- nice!! As for myself, I might be accused of bouncing around lots, as well. After all, the arts biz in any category can drive us in many directions. The ideas amass as I attempt to corral them all in realistic, tangible form. Thanks for giving me a warm welcome Debra. Best wishes! See you around the web 😊 Adriana

  12. Um...totally understand. That is how my life is....all over the place! Great makeovers and the gardening is stunning. If I had a barn then it would be really dangerous cause I would fill it up for sure!


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