October 28, 2015

British Wallpaper

What image comes to mind when thinking about British wallpaper? Is it something like this?

We know the iconic brands; Sanderson, Cole and Son, Osborne and Little, Jane Churchill.......

While working on a client project to create a Scottish Pub, I was falling short on just the right wallpaper. Knowing I was coming to The Land of Wallpaper, I could delve deeper into the lesser known brands

A smallish company with exciting papers and fabrics, this company came highly recommended
 Calling themselves an Art House, the originality drew me in
Sweet in a little boys room
Possibilities presented themselves. Then I heard about Andrew Martin......SCORE!
Very graphic, very original, very detailed with excellent trompe l'oeil effects.
Yes, wallpaper!
Viola! This is the one, well provided my client agrees. The plan is for a dark wooden wainscoting. The final design has not yet been approved but imagine something like the image below. The wallpaper will be a half to three-quarter wall display only.
 Won't this be perfect?
 Amazing isn't it?

Designer Tip

Do not forget your ceilings to great effect



October 22, 2015


The hunt is on! French antiques are beloved worldwide, all era's, all styles. The pricing, when you know where to look is doable.
Day One of our tour...... We brought our ladies to the Chatou Antique market. Twice a year, this fair outside of Paris, has over 700 exhibitors, all of whom are bona fide antique dealers. It feels oh so French with seemingly few tourists.
The displays are enticing and inspiring
Coveted. Massive. Perfect. 5,200.00 euros. Not perfect.

This image from the Atlanta designer Nancy Braitwhite, has had me spellbound. All white allowing the grand element of the eagle hold center court. To find such an object and say, Au revoir was painful
This fair is an event. Two massive aisles are devoted to French gastronomy; fresh shucked oysters, muscles, cheese and veg paella, champagne, wines galore, pastries. And celebrate they did, dining together at booths and the beautiful dining area. Not a hot dog in site.......
My favorite find for the shop, country french windmill c. 1920
Marche aux Puces de Saint Ouen, (clingincourt)is a well-known weekly flea market in northern Paris. Stepping into the maze-like, narrow alley creates an intimate, otherworldy experience. A tourist destination, prices can be higher, but if you know what you are looking for and are savvy in negotiating, treasures abound.
This chien, a massive puff ball warranted a closer look. We wondered 'What is it?' 'Is it real?' The ever so subtle eye movements provided the answers suggesting yes and 'Do Not Enter'
If there, a visit to Chez Louisette is an experience
 Raucous, live music, vintage chanteuse,
And a blast. The food? Ehhhh......drink wine. The place is up for grabs!
My finds for the shop.......A collection of Renee' Marciel 1950's designs. Great in a bathroom or bedroom
Art Noveau decanter, glass and tray. Oh, so French!
So I am thinking this could be a funky evening bag, forget Louis Vuitton. 
Did you guess incense burner? See the rotating vent on top? Lit sticks of incense were placed within the metal cage, top closed, while one enjoyed fragrance beautifully. Actually one of the best I have ever found
Provencal art, I love you
As I write, I am still in England, yep, I know
Perhaps I need to hurry home. Clients and staff sent this photo....hmmmm. Allow me to introduce Kim, client and notorious mischief maker Ed, darling wife Carmi, and Jayme. Liking the magnum of French Champagne, bon gout!

                     Au Revoir for now

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