July 17, 2011

Want to get away?

Cross the pond?
Clear your head?
Pamper yourself?

Unwind with a favorite, 'Pimm's Cup' the traditional British drink.

I like to make and taste in a large pitcher. To taste add;
-Pimm's Cup, No. 1 only, mildly alcoholic herb infused Gin
-Fresca or Ginger Ale
-rosemary and mint sprigs
-sliced fruit; strawberries, oranges, and lemon
Stir with a wooden spoon, allow to seep in the fridge one hour, taste. Pour over ice and garnish with a cucumber spear.......enjoy!

Well, pack your bags!

Our first excursion to England, touring private gardens, antiquing, castles............booked quickly. A sudden surge of interest made me re-think my plans........I am already there, why not? 
So, it is first come first serve.......................September 15th through September 22nd; a magical season in Britain, Sherborne Dorset in particular 

great shopping

Taking place is one of the best country antique fairs; The 'Shepton Mallet International Art & Collectible' fair with over 1000 booths, indoors and out.

 A plus is that this is an affordable show. All shipping will be arranged for you.

The medieval city and cathedral of Salisbury with the tallest spire in Europe

Private garden visiting

Will you answer?
Sylvia of the UK and myself from the USA extend our hopes that you could join us.
PS:  Did I ever tell you that I am the driver? See something interesting along the way, just ask,
 I will stop!


July 13, 2011

Guest Post on Tobi Fairley's Blog

When Tobi Fairley asked if I would participate in her July blog series on all topics American, I was delighted. Choosing one of my favorite topics; American Architecture and creating curb appeal for your home

Choosing a really forlorn house you will see three face-lift options, such as the 'New Orleans' style below. Often times a freshening of your exteriors is all that is needed for a new look, be it light fixtures, paint, addition of shutters, etc......well and usually the landscape too!
To take a look at the entire post click here

PS:  remember that intense repeat drawing class I took.......well, you will see why I failed again!

In need of a exterior facelift? Contact me at debra@scentimentalgardens.com as I have recently launched this service


July 10, 2011

Remembering Marija

  One year ago today, July 10th, everything changed with the sudden death of Marija, an adored blogger.

  Having spent several days together in Atlanta on an antiquing trip, Marija and I were excited for the    drive home, there was so much to talk about; dinner the previous night with Eddie and Jaithan, meeting   all of my lovely friends in the business, our treasures found, blogging..........our future as new friends, oh the plans we hatched!

  Just before leaving the antique market Marija discovered the show was monthly, not annually as assumed, she squealed, jumped up and down, grabbed my hands and beamed "you are stuck now, i am coming with you EVERY month!"  I have not been back.

  As we were headed home, a horrific car accident took Marija's life, instantly. Cory lost a wife, best friend and constant companion. Olivija and little Nigel an adoring, nurturing Mother.
I, a piece of myself

  Have you ever been fortunate enough to have someone come into your life and experience that instant shared connection? That magic you both recognize at the time?  It does not happen often, maybe with your spouse, a friend or two, maybe? For me Marija was one of those.

Every night in the hotel room we stayed up quite late and talked. There was so much to say! As if we knew our time together was fleeting. One night Marija said "How do some bloggers write a post and within minutes have 50 plus comments, what are we doing wrong?! (said with a huge smile)" Little would she know that her next post, written by Cory as a tribute to his beloved wife, would garner 654 comments.
Everyone embraced this family, shared how Marija touched their lives and grieved collectively. Cory has left up her blog; 'Holding Court'. It is a place that seems tangible, to visit, read her eloquent words, revisit her humor, and for that moment, feel her presence.
As a tribute to this lovely woman Charlotta (predominately) and I, set up a memorial blog 'Holding Forth', many of you have written a post, and Patricia of PVE painted Marija's treasured home. Our wish is to bind these memories to ultimately present to her children. We would love for you to participate. I even think I may be able to write my portion soon.

To think I began this blog to share design with like-minded individuals, never imagining I would share my soul, find comfort, find friends and love. Thank you everyone, I treasure each of you immensely.

Please remember her and her precious family today.

I know Marija is smiling down on us all
with blessings-

Holding Court
Holding Forth
Eddie and Jaithan

July 9, 2011

Meet one of the HGTV 'Design Star's'

CANNOT WAIT! This Monday night! 

And..........I have a friend in the show

Meet Meg Caswell of Chicago a powerhouse of a personality. Excelling in her design business, 
her 'round the world travels to exotic locales at a moment's notice, a seemingly lack of fear and
 massively fun at parties. Cannot wait to see how she handles the 'lights, camera and action!'

                                  This image and those following were a part of her submissions

"are you ***!ing kidding?" is my take.  Meg reveals nothing!
Three of the cast members are from Chicago. Will you be watching?

As an aside.......my wonderful manager at the Chicago shop, Bart, has a brilliant sense of humor.
This vignette says it all!
(iphone shot, the walls are a charcoal brown, not olive. No, he is not wearing 'tidy whities', it's the light) 

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