October 13, 2014

PROJECT DESIGN....Gallery Wall Part 2

 This design project brings us to week 2, the "before".......

 My project, being in my shop, presented numerous walls in need and a broad collection of art, mirrors, and objects to choose from. We had a large shelf here that ended up looking cluttered, the room had lost it's focus.

We call this room the 'Ralph' room, where we strive for a Ralph Lauren look and this was another inspiration

Want to join in on the fun? Where to start when creating a gallery wall......

Do you have a theme or collection to display? 
Or would you want to create a collected over time look? 
The same frame keeps your attention on the art
Will you incorporate objects, for an interesting 3D effect?
Objects only, a killer look don't you think? 
And don't forget to consider lighting

Since I have gallery walls on the brain, here is one of my walls for a favorite client, Sharon. Facing a tall blank wall I brought in these large photographs of books, added a tall apple picking ladder; rustic vs contemporary, a different take on a book case
What makes a dream client? Open to ideas, takes part in decisions and can make decisions, fun to work with!

The reveal is for next monday the 20th, traveling to London on that day. Will do my best to be here!


Don't forget to check out these talented participants and see what they are up to

                                                                     by Annie Diamond
                                                                     by Cindy Hattersley
                                                                       by Kelly


  1. Debra...I cant wait to see your wall...great inspiration pictures!

  2. Hi Debra, what a great post. Such gorgeous gallery walls, I want to keep scrolling and staring. I loved what you did with Sharon's tall blank space, the entire vignette looks amazing. And I'm so curious to see what you do with your wall!

  3. I love the gallery wall with the photographs of books that you did for your client - so creative! Can't wait to see your finished wall - I love the look you're going for!

  4. That book wall is positively ethereal...love it! Can't wait to see your reveal!! No worries if it is not right on schedule. So sorry you have to go to London...

  5. The photographs of books is just amazing...and the ladder there is genius. You really have amazing taste. So glad Cindy introduced me to your fantastic blog. I'm going to London the week after next!

  6. What a cool gallery wall with the photos of books and that wonderful ladder! Love it! And how fun that you get to shop your shop for the gallery wall. :)

  7. You gave us some more eye candy inspiration here! Love that first one with the dark walls and the gold mirror.....wowza! What a cool idea with the pictures of books!

  8. Debra,
    As I mentioned before, this is probably one of my favorite challenges ever. I love the pictures of the books, I honestly thought they were in a book case. Great design idea.
    Oh to be going to England, have a wonderful time.

  9. I see lots of beautiful pieces in your shop :) Cannot wait for your reveal. And London?? I'm so jealous! xo

  10. I love those large photos of books! I looked at that several times thinking it was actual shelves built into the wall. Really beautiful! Safe travels to London!

  11. I cannot wait to see your reveal......love a well done gallery wall and I also have been wanting to do one myself. London? You lucky lady!

  12. I'm really enjoying this series. Have a great time in London!

  13. Debra of course this is right up my alley, love groupings of art that are either very collected or very cohesive! The ocean life wall is wonderful!

    The Arts by Karena

  14. Hi Debra, I love gallery walls but they always feel too cluttery in my small and not terribly charming house. Haha. I LOVE the idea of that old book photo, and the apple picking ladder is gorgeous. Good luck! Have fun in London.

    xo Terri


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