October 31, 2014

What's up at High Point market

Day one at the market instills heart palpations. Cannot get enough visual stimulation, new ideas, and inspiration, High Point never disappoints.
This is the big furniture and accessory show held twice a year in North Carolina.....it's all here!

Love to see the mix of the new and the antique. To me a room without antiques is missing a bit of  soul.
So, let's take a look at my humble observations.
      The most popular colors? Yes, still gray and many many touches of orange
Still seeing raw wood, everywhere
Painted furniture with a vintage patina is strong
HOT HOT HOT is lacquer, anything. The perfect way to add a pop of color to a room
A heavy emphasis remains on spool chairs. Then again I see them as classics
Ever the look of lucite, but oh have the designs become more complex. Are these not to die for?
Mongolian sheep pillows still reign with an expanded color selection
I thought I would explode......Kelly Wearstler introduced a line of lighting with Visual Comfort. Being alone to admire her designs in the front center portion of the showroom, I suddenly nudged into someone as I was backing up.....Kelly herself. We apologized, she appeared shy and reserved, I appeared to be the village idiot . Suddenly a large entourage entered the space surrounding none other than Margaret Russell, editor of Architectural Digest. CLICK!
BTW, they are both very tiny. BTW Kelly's skirt is sheer lace with black knickers. 
(I know, I know, being very Midwest)
 Kellys introductions. These images are not the best, ever try to take photo's in a lighting gallery? Sheesh!

 I am smitten, these sconces cast a gorgeous glow and shadows
In another showroom I spied the first of many chandeliers with pale amber everything
Let's see if I can describe this gorgeous wall sconce; dark bronze wall disc that curves inwards, lined in hammered, shimmering brass illuminated by the bulb. Finally capped by an oval bronze "cover". The wall effect was ethereal.

So many of the new introductions are very geometric
The big emphasis of the market is O-R-G-A-N-I-C. 
RATTAN is hardly new but the new shapes are sinuous and very feminine
WOOD in it's origins.
YUM, these are individual panels mounted to create a stunning headboard. One of my clients is going with this look
LEATHER. Predominately in grays, braided and woven

SELENITE.......often seen as an accessory such as votives, fireplace "logs" or a tabletop accessory
Now this mineral/crystal is being shown in furniture. At $3,900.00 to the trade, I DID NOT ORDER
CORK, clever stools, frames and lamp bases
Then there is the antique market, gasp at the prices and the beauty. Loved the originality here, a very old concrete lions head crafted into a side table.

Something for everyone!

 Yesterday I walked through the charming streets of Sherborne England, could stare at the buildings all day, one being from 1065. It was drizzling and misty, perfect Mr. Darcy emerging from the field weather. As I write this I hear that it snowed in Illinois, I am outdoors in the garden.....unseasonably and delightfully warm!


October 20, 2014

Project Design.......Gallery Wall Finale

Here we go, all the reveals..........



Too lazy to paint the whole wall, but I actually prefer this look. We used Amy Howard 'Credenza' One Step Paint. This effect creates a true focal point
TA DA........
Our shops British Gallery Wall. And as I write this I am in the airport waiting to board for London, hence my homage
Whaling etchings from the early 1800's
A new giclee'
For the love of 3 dimension, which I believe imparts a depth of interest, is this iron fox head. At a long ago English hunting lodge, two stone columns framed the entrance bearing this fox on one and a dog on another. I kept the dog
A new giclee
An er;y 1800's oil from Belgium and of course a pheasant to complete the scene.
The trunk of a viscountess in Dorset England
Imagine an English Barristers country home office...........
Hope you enjoyed!
Being that I have gallery walls on the brain, I just returned from the framers. One of my collections is Ephemera with a massive amount of French documents, letters and envelopes at the moment
 Linen surround

Envelopes dated 1916 sandwiched between glass

 Isirdi, a current artist in France whose work speaks to me. these are massive

 My friend Lisa had the opportunity to go to Cuba. Love the exuberant colors of these movie posters

It has been a whirlwind week, starting off with a jaunt through the High Point Furniture Market. Look at this gallery wall at Bobo Intriguing Objects, divine isn't it?

If you have not already been, check out the reveals of these talents below


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