October 8, 2011

Paris Design Week

Hurrying back from Normandy I just had to attend 'Paris Design Week'

The best neighborhoods, arrondissements as they are called, presented local businesses that are premiere in design; home boutiques, fashion houses and restaurants. A shuttle bus took attendees from region to region, business to business. Renown designers and chefs made personal appearances.
This is where I must be honest......it wasn't for me, I became bored, yes, in Paris, bored.

This wasn't bad, functionally
I could feel it slipping, my attention adverted elsewhere

I did love this window, particularly the skirt on the far left. Cashmere/wool blend of strong cheetah spots at the hem, slowly fading to gray.

The warmth of the orange of this lighting fixture was interesting, maybe

Then my attention diverted, again. The men of Paris are generally quite handsome........rather beautifully designed. N'est pas?

If you look closely these acrylic coffee tables on casters appealed, always loving the "mix" of vintage and new

Do you feel the same as I do about men in scarves?

Absolutely not! Or would you if you could?

Again I ask, would you if you could?

No, not this


You see, contemporary appears to me, often times, as just form over function far too often

Then again, not all forms function.......
Happy weekend!

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