October 16, 2011

DECOREX International 2011

During London Design week one of the venue's was Decorex. A trade show for the design community to source exquisite product and meet pioneering design talent. It did not disappoint. A huge showing of  textiles.......the British are the best.......my opinion, lighting, wall covering and furniture. Let's peek at some of the stars of the show and further trends.

Two to three tone, painted furniture. Actually painted furniture was still hot.

A lovely silk, this chandelier was ethereal in person

Near impossible to capture, this is vertical strips of porcelain which emitted a warm flattering glow.
Hmmmm, does someone have a storage issue?
 Nail heads still carry the day. Loving these overly large well spaced heads
 What a color palette! If someone told me I would love a citrine, purple and orange living room it would have been taken as a joke, this is stunning......or not.......your thoughts?

"Library" wall covering

Particularly fond of the graphics....cheers!

 My dearest friend Sylvia entering a fabric booth

All the above by Emily Bond
 The British are known for gorgeous and well made draperies. Lined in several layers of flannel they hang beautifully while adding extra insulation.

 The above by Susie Watson Designs

 The best striped fabric was by Ian Mankin

 Lastly, a plethora of wall murals by Surface View, take a look at the website for a wide ranging collection.

Hope you enjoyed a taste of Decorex.  Next and final; London's Battersea Antique Show
Have a great week!

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