October 2, 2011

Normandy France, my favorite region, is the home of well loved blogger Sharon Santoni of My French Country Home. My good fortune was arranging a little side trip from Paris to finally meet my blogging friend.
We arrive at this lovely pillared, floral bounty, of an entrance

Remembering when Sharon first began her blog, I can only speak for myself,  but I felt a connection and a friendship blossomed.

In case you were not aware, she has a guest cottage on her property for rent.  Norman in architecture and deeply feminine, one has the instant sense that you have entered a fairy tale; perfect grounds, gorgeous and warm family, flowers at every turn, with the ever present cooing of doves as  background music. Evening brings the sounds of the resident owl.  

"My" temporary living room

A few bits I learned from Sharon is that one can go ahead and re-upholster furniture in linen that may not be perfect,  maybe it has a stain or minor tear. Site the fabrics fault where you would like to attach a monogram, hand stitched, from another piece.........in other words, keep all scraps. Voila! The look is intentional
My "loot", well a partial stash from our antique shopping, all for my Geneva shop. 

Enjoy the photographs, all fabric seen is pure linen. Have you ever slept on linen sheets? Finally having my opportunity it was as divine as I had always heard

TWO puppies! Gibson the golden retriever and Ghetto, her daughters pup.

Fresh linens on the line.....sigh........
Sharon recommends washing in hot water, I would have been afraid to do that

Thank you Sharon for a lovely time and for graciously opening your home and dinner table to this traveller. I cannot imagine waking up to this bit of "heaven on earth" each morning.

Now for our surprise.........
Together Sharon and I are organizing a tour and hope you will join us; Paris, then Normandy. Garden visiting (think Giverney), brocante's, antiquing, visiting a real linen farm.......girl time!

We hope to firm up the details shortly for 2012, interested? Drop me a line. Space is limited.

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