October 21, 2011

LONDON Antique Show

London's 'Battersea International Antique Show' has 140 vendors of some of the most intriguing and diverse pieces this antique enthusiasts has ever seen in in one venue.
 Let's take a look at a sprinkling of treasures.

Loved this display; a series of hardcover books spray painted and glued cover to cover. Propped in a corner it makes a clever pedestal

Sorry, all photo's are with my i-phone, some better than others.
Close up of the above mirror. Yes it is actually adorned with gold spray painted rope!

A pair of stone, pony sized horses that once adorned the entrance of a chateau in France.
 $13,000.00 each

love this floor
As typical, dogs were welcomed, as always

This was my favorite piece. An artist takes door panels, adds wooden boxes behind an opening he creates and adds a scene of great imagination.
Everything is in extreme miniature; desk, bound books with pages, urns ............to true scale. Mesmerizing and difficult to walk away from
Every piece has an overhead light and an open entrance to draw in natural light

Neo-classic elements were prevalent through out the show. Old molds

Antique French sewer elements would make great garden art
Just adore the button placement

A classic British woman of a certain era.....

Hope you enjoyed!

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