August 1, 2011

GARDEN BENCHES; so many choices..........

Let's explore how to narrow down the choices when presented with so many design styles

Vintage or


hand crafted? 
simple or ornate?
what color?
where to begin?
In my garden design practice, it is always the same; begin with the architecture

live in a moated castle?

One that possesses a Loggia? This will do

The bench below is perfect, in white or black See the repeated design element? I would have two, on the pea gravel one in front of each end opening. At times the back of a bench can double as porch railing 
detroit garden works

Color choice;  aged teak
Design choice:  simple to not detract from the intriguing architecture

Color choice: white; stay with the pure stark aesthetic
Design choice; As wonderfully clean and "honest" as the homes design

Color Choice;  green painted crates, emphasizing the green of the front door
Design choice;  imagining this cottage on the English Norfolk coast, I would love to see a "get-away" behind a potting shed. The whimsical nature of these cottages can be emphasized in the crooked poles 

Color choice; We could go green but i would rather see those as 'stand-alones', keying in on the outdoor lamp, the burnished copper looks great
Design choice;  Lead by the sheer whimsey of this 'Rumplestilskin' roof and other elements makes for a classic pairing

Color choice; Not yet but given 6 months it will also look weather worn gray
Design choice;  Wild, contemporary, artistic, no average bench would do. This design can stand on it's own and has a nearly wind swept appearance already

Color choice;  natural and organic colorways as in the stone AND mortar
Design choice; Mid century simplicity of rectilinear design. Instead of playing up the straight lines with a straight sided times throwing a "curve" is just what is needed

Color Choice; Natural teak, left to age will ideally match the shingles
Design choice; Classic........the Luytens bench designed by Sir Edwin Luyten (luch-ins) in the early 20th century. It's graceful curves are a perfect offset to a shingle styled home 

Color choice;  Often I will match an existing element and more often the trim, door or shutters. 
Design choice; This particular Victorian Gothic could host this swinging bench under it's porch perfectly. 

Color choice; White for pop
Design choice; A stately French manor home, masculine in flavor with an opposing feminine styled bench. The home possesses a roofline that is a strong top feature, the bench provides the same. 

Low, long roof = low long bench

Color choice and Design choice; With so much architectural interest the bench should be simple and blend in versus compete. 

Color choice; bring the white into the garden
Design choice; period appropriate, a repeat of the chippendale, and lastly see the panels under the windows, repeated on the bench's center......perfection 

Color choice;  neutral, the weathered wood is in keeping with the stone wall tones
Design choice;  the simplicity. The property is clean lined and not fussy

The color choice; stating the obvious. When a strong element is repeated, particularly at a distance, the entire property appears larger and co-hesive
Design choice; period and regionally appropriate 

For email subscribers; these two concrete benches are available for quick delivery with free freight

somerset bench; $2,395
74w x 24d x 40h 
wiltshire bench;  $2,119.
54w x 24d x 42h

NOTE:  these are very well made benches, all concrete with steel bar and steel plates, my favorites

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