August 21, 2011

Choosing a Puppy

It's time, time for a new addition to the family and i am thinking hard about breeds, care to weigh in here?

Currently in first place is this cute little guy, a rare ancient breed from Scotland called a 'Dandie Dinmont Terrier'
The bouffant, the small stature, baby seal like eyes and sweet disposition have me sold,
well maybe sold.  Oh I forgot to also mention NON-shedding!
We lost our Pembroke Corgi, "woofie" last winter and was grateful to have a spare, "Cooper" my much beloved Cardigan Corgi as seen in the drawing above. The much adored center of attention in this house
                                                                 really really bad haircut
Cooper may not want a companion, but at five he is young enough to still play with a pup and with high hopes that he will relax his standards and not feel every other dog is a threat to me. Very high hopes......

My love of old British Isles art first brought the Dandies to my attention. They kept appearing and I had to find out what breed I was looking at

                                                      To me..........irresistible!
Then again another Cardigan Corgi would be fun. Unlike the Pembroke the Cardi's have tails and enormous ears, brilliant i might add...........with a clown-like personality.
hmmmm, this is tough. But a litter of Dandies should be here any day. I am however not yet "vetted" by the breeders to determine if I would be a good owner. Currently I hold criminal status until I prove myself..........sigh.............

Or I could be responsible and go to the dog shelter. Friends are guilting me on this matter, I just like knowing what the pup will grow up to be and one never knows, and, I can draw bad luck!
 What do you think dear readers? Or are you going to throw me a curve with another breed I should consider?
Anyway you look at it, dogs are a gift from above and all deserve love and a good home. Oh yes, one more husband knows nothing of this!


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