August 27, 2011

Neo-Classical Interiors

Rick Perry Architect
Something has overtaken me, and quite suddenly. Having always enjoyed elements of Neo-Classical interiors, I am now embracing the entire look. What do you think of this room? The muted tones, lines of the chairs, pillars for the lamps?

 Ready to depart for England next week, I am headed for the first time to this Museum.

                          The renown Sir John Soane, R.A., Architect, Professor. 1753 - 1837

Three homes were demolished to build this single home for his family and as a living studio for his students. Before and after a lecture the students would come and sit among the artifacts of their lessons.

NEO-CLASSICISM:  Is the name given to quite distinct movements in the decorative arts, literature, theatre, music and architecture that draws upon Western classics, usually that of ancient Greece or Rome.
Dominant in northern Europe during the mid-18th to the end of the 19th century.

Sir Sloane designed his home to ultimately become a museum upon his death and those wishes were immediately dispatched.
The majority of the artifacts within, remain in the same spot he chose originally.

A neo-classical home via House & Garden magazine. This image sends my heart through the stratosphere!

 Your thoughts? Can you live with this aesthetic?
I know I can but will start with devoting a wall in my city shop, SG's will be shared, stay tuned!

In the interim I am off to England with a group I will guide via 'Travel by Design' a new business I will share shortly.
After the group departs I am off to Paris to see the show 'Maison et Objet', a trade show for design professionals. If you are attending, let's meet!


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