July 17, 2011

Want to get away?

Cross the pond?
Clear your head?
Pamper yourself?

Unwind with a favorite, 'Pimm's Cup' the traditional British drink.

I like to make and taste in a large pitcher. To taste add;
-Pimm's Cup, No. 1 only, mildly alcoholic herb infused Gin
-Fresca or Ginger Ale
-rosemary and mint sprigs
-sliced fruit; strawberries, oranges, and lemon
Stir with a wooden spoon, allow to seep in the fridge one hour, taste. Pour over ice and garnish with a cucumber spear.......enjoy!

Well, pack your bags!

Our first excursion to England, touring private gardens, antiquing, castles............booked quickly. A sudden surge of interest made me re-think my plans........I am already there, why not? 
So, it is first come first serve.......................September 15th through September 22nd; a magical season in Britain, Sherborne Dorset in particular 

great shopping

Taking place is one of the best country antique fairs; The 'Shepton Mallet International Art & Collectible' fair with over 1000 booths, indoors and out.

 A plus is that this is an affordable show. All shipping will be arranged for you.

The medieval city and cathedral of Salisbury with the tallest spire in Europe

Private garden visiting

Will you answer?
Sylvia of the UK and myself from the USA extend our hopes that you could join us.
PS:  Did I ever tell you that I am the driver? See something interesting along the way, just ask,
 I will stop!


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