July 4, 2009

"On the road again......."

Finally!!!! It is that time, my bi-annual "hit the trail" antiquing road trip

Hook up the trailer and head south. Part of the fun is seeking out the back roads, finding uncharted territory and also catching up with old friendships fostered over the years.

Signs like this make my heart race, the thrill of the hunt. "Will this new spot have what I am searching for?" Better yet, "At a rock bottom price?"

Places like this can only be found on the back roads, pure nostalgia, It beckons to me, childhood memories fondly roar back.

Not all is found by happenstance. Years of hunting and gathering fostered friendships I treasure. Here you are getting a sneak peek of what is pre-bought and "coming home" with me.

The photo above shows a scalloped architectural fragment; perfect as a headboard, valance, crafted into a mantle face..............thanks Lindy!

This was a grabber. Charming French settee, circa 1920, newly upholstered. Thanks Glennis!

This is rare, a set!
So, what we have here is a French table top over 200 years old. The base was too rough and an artisan came in to craft a new base, add the chairs and Voila! A French styled farm table. My love of these is the narrow top, ideal for conversation. Add bottles of a good Cab, imported cheeses, baguettes, candlelight and friends............
Thanks Glennis and Marlene!

Oooops, that is sister Diane. Hmmm, not happy, sister is angry, angry at herself. Forgot about the trip and booked friends to come in from out of town. "It's ok sister, another time!"

Well, back on the road again..............

See ya'll soon!

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