July 13, 2009

Home again............

Where did the days go? Seems like yesterday (7/5), I was pulling out of my driveway, trailer in tow and a big YAHOOOOO, down the street. If I was not driving I was walking, sometimes 12 hours a day, head swiveling, mind reeling, second guessing..........

Am I any thinner for all this exertion? No! I am doomed...*sigh*....... But, I loved every second and now the fun part, unloading and "tweaking" the shop, tomorrow! Well..............let's rephrase that, I love the process, the S.G. staff must cringe.

This is a brief preview of my "finds"

Most of my finds are in hot and dusty warehouses, like this.

Dusty and dirty but a true treasure hunt! This beauty was created by a craftsman. The top is unseamed metal, all made by hand. the base is a marriage of metal; column and capitol from a building in Washington D.C. My good fortune was seeing it first.

My dear friend Lisa also maintains a warehouse, and maintain they do. "They" being some of my favorite women in the world, including Lindy and Margaret. All three either re-purpose items to clever effect or shop abroad.

This is my favorite find! See the French signs? Originally used as signs advising travelers where the train on the track was headed next. I bought all 15, great en masse or used as serving trays.

A snap of a pair of footstools, horse and mirror all back in Illinois now.

"Miss Cutie-Pie".
This is Lisa holding up an original Paris street scene watercolor I purchased from her.
She may, make that will, want to kill me for posting this, she will scream "but I was working all day in the hot warehouse!" She is a beauty inside and out.........always

This is fun, a Parisian bread server from a cafe. See the crank handle on the right? There were strings that held the bottom tray and as the bread sold a quick turn of the crank brought the bread level with the top. Today, it is a small console or side table with the addition of a glass top.

From David, another master craftsman. An industrial base from a warehouse (the base needs polishing) topped with a gorgeous stone slab from Europe. Love how he chiseled the edges. Great indoors or out.

This scene is the warehouse of Glennis and Marlene, lovely, lovely deeply spiritual and talented women.

And besides.............they are sooooo thoughtful! Having read my Eddie Ross story about the Pimms Cup, Glennis being British was excited that an American knew about Pimms , bought a bottle and presented it in a beautiful pink pitcher.
And............oh my!!!! included a bottle of Amarula for a night cap, along with magazines (my addiction). Have any of you heard of this? The amarula nut, favored by elephants, grows in South Africa. Apparently the pachyderms love to over indulge and become quite drunk. I resisted that scenario but if you like 'Bailey's Irish Cream', this is ten-fold.

Last, but not least, is my husband Steve.
When my trip is complete, he flies down, loads and secures my treasures and drives all the way home. I know......he is a really nice guy.
As you can see, Steve loves every bit of this................just thought I would share my view every time I looked over!

next post, some of the new finds from the gift show

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