June 27, 2009

Time to get our drink on!

And what better way than with the very British "Pimms Cup".

The anglophile in me would naturally glom onto this summer staple of the highbrow set. Wimbledon proudly sells 80,000 half-pints each year. What is it you ask? Well really only three, yes three, people truly know. A well-kept secret since 1859. What we do know is that it is gin based, the Pimms No. 1, that is. Do not bother with #2, #3.................THIS IS THE FAVORED.

So, back to Eddie Ross ( notice how i keep bringing that up :-)

When we found out Eddie and Jaithan were coming to the shop I read that Eddie liked Pimms, in luck, my speciality! And many calls later asking for the recipe, here it is;

Per glass;

1 jigger Pimms No. 1
1 jigger white rum
lemon soda, typically not found in the US, do not substitute ginger ale. Target sells lemon soda

and fruit, lots of fruit; cucumber spear (a must)
garnish with mint.


I prefer to make it in giant pitchers. Add to taste the ingredients, let the fruit sit for an hour or two and pour.

have a summer cocktail party, invite and make new friends, cheers!

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