July 19, 2009

Travel Atlanta

Like most urban areas, Atlanta has it's share of neighborhoods, each with a unique vibe. My favorite is VIRGINIA HIGHLANDS, just within sight of downtown. This neighborhood possesses independently owned boutiques, incredible restaurants and charming homes, no cookie cutter look-a-likes or "chains" here.

How about this! Anyone that knows me well knows I am not a big fan of new construction. But...........every once in a while my mind is changed. This new home stopped me in my tracks. and after a while the homeowner came out. Could not hear him but it may have had something to do with wanting to stop me.

Let's examine the details; massive window box extending from edge to edge of the window trim, deep and wide. The natural wood colorway enhances the "rust" tones in the stone.

The window box color also picks up the color of the front door. Repetition of color and patterns are pleasing to the eye. The strong "Hansel and Gretel' theme has factors I love;

-the light fixture is over sized but proportionate to the scale of the home.
-the Tudor inserts all have interesting detail and patterns repeated under the front door side lights.
-the slight upturn at the roof eaves is a touch of whimsy
-the fence! what a fence and it is repeated close up.
-the landscaping enhances without distracting
-the containers and the plantings are perfectly proportioned

Close-up of the details

On a corner lot, here is a shot of the rear/side garden. No detail was left undone with the shed.

A business called Bella Cucina, owned by an visionary woman, has it's flagship store in this neighborhood. Other than the local shop she sells only wholesale; foodstuffs, flavorings and accessories with a Tuscan flavor. Above is a photo of the Tuscan Grill, a new product in the line that grills food over hardwood imparting intense flavors. This item propelled me to jump in and carry a portion of the food and the grills.

Come in for samples, recipes and future parties will include the Tuscan Grill. PS: can also be used indoors in your fireplace!

My favorite restaurant, Parish, in a converted factory. Revel in this New Orleans inspired restaurant, deli and community haven.

Stunning decor. My head is constantly swiveling, the passing dishes and inspired design.

Take a seat at the bar and if you are lucky Christopher Gaither will be at the bar. Christopher will welcome you with southern hospitality warmth and engage you with his witty humor. Allow him to select your wine, Chris hosts the ongoing wine events and is a genius.

(hint, try the J & J grits!)

Note to fellow Chicagoans; the newly opened Wit Hotel at State and Lake has three restaurants by the same group that owns Parish. Can't wait to go, anyone want to go together? Drop me a line!


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