January 10, 2016

On the Road Again

The wildly busy Holiday season is in the rear view mirror. I pull out of the drive with heart palpalations; what antiques will I find, will the gift show be a good one, will I find myself in a jam?
Two hours out of Chicago, the first jam.......
 At the Scotts Antique show, many of my dealer friends started coming up to congratulate me, ME!?
Over and over I heard "You scored the piece of the show!" From Provence, a sinous, perforated metal table. "Do not sell it until you can manufacture more!" I wish

A new favorite design style is Spanish Colonial and I have a client heading in that direction, this piece is for them. Spain, 18thc, original paint, step back cabinet from my creative friend Lisa. 
That movement in the wood is called 'Linen Fold' an old world craft adding movement to wood
 Green/Turquoise seems to be my theme......A gorgeous antique cabinet, original wavy glass fronted cabinet on metal stand, would make a perfect bar, with style.
The step-back interior could hold bottles on the bottom, glasses and accroutements on the upper shelves. 
Ever see these? Probably not, I surely had not. Next question; what are they? Very old wine barrel stoppers. Rare to the market as they just do not leave the wineries, staying within the family. This conversation piece adds to any vignette
 Stylish Lisa never fails to leave me inspired. How is this for a vignette?

In my current vein of Spanish Colonial, is this Santos monk, c. mid 17thc, hand carved wood

The detail is stunning. The soulful eyes mesmerizing.

                                       Lessons from the Professionals.....
As I was purchasing hand woven vintage linen, from a woman that specializes in these goods, I asked her how she keeps her linens so crisply pressed. Buy an iron with as many steam openings as you can find, she advised. Ignore price, that is not an indicator. Before pressing, lay a terry cloth towel on the ironing board, the steam will go through the terry and come back up through the fibers keeping them open and 'fluffed'.
I chose this oversized sheet due to the gray undertones. "Oh, in that region of Germany the soil produces a flax with those color ways" Who knew?
 A master restorer said Loctite super glue is the best and only product he uses for wood repair

This French watercolor from my friend/dealer Lee appealed to me on many accounts but the lack of glass was high on the list. Most of us feel that to fully protect a watercolor is to encase under glass, that cheapens it, it could pass for a print. Lee recommends this product, to fully protect without a trace of evidence

 DRATS! Another day another tire! As I told my husband, "things happen.....when pulling a 22' trailer."
"No, things happen when you hit curbs."  He was not amused

Next up.........the warehouses and the gift show.......pinch me

Joanne, with the bedroom, you won! Drop me a line and let's get started.         debra@scentimentalgardens.com



  1. Debra,
    Dang, I hope you have a automobile club membership and didn't have to change your own tire. :-)
    The items you've shown us are so unique. I love the idea for the bar and Lisa's vignette, oh my. I have a concrete footed birdbath (at least that is what I've always thought it was) and I will be attempting something of a copy cat look very soon. I'm saving this post for the handy tips. Who knew they made a spray that works as archival preservative.
    Great finds, Debra. Your clients are going to be beyond thrilled.

  2. Debra, this looks like quite the adventure! Do be careful pulling that trailer!

    Your finds are gorgeous! I love the monk!

    Take care and have fun!

  3. So happy to hear that I won!
    What treasures are out there to be found. I love the thrill of the hunt.

  4. Love the wine barrel stoppers, and the monk. I'd love to ave a santos for my house.
    I like your shift over to Spanish -- there's so much blending and overlap in the south of France, especially near the Pyrenees.

  5. Drooling!! I want that Spanish Colonial cupboard, Debra. That patina is yummmmmy!!! And thanks for sharing the glue - I will definitely give it a try. Love learning trade secrets from the pros. Cheers, L

  6. Wow you are a wealth of handy tips my dear! That cupboard on stand...amazing I hope you bought it!! We should try to go to Round Top in the Spring any interest?

  7. Great idea for keeping the linens crisp. Have a good weekend!

  8. Debra, I just saw this, you are amazing to keep at it after all of the tire trouble! Great pieces ( that table is so very unique!)and super tips!

    The Arts by Karena
    Dreams of Spring!

  9. I just found your blog Love it.
    That metal patio table is awesome.

  10. Debra, most of us couldn't pull a trailer, so I am so impressed! I guess I could pull one, if I never had to back up. Beautiful finds! I've attempted to do my home in Spanish Colonial and never tire of it.
    Cheers!, Barbara


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