March 26, 2015

To Round Top with Love

 Enroute to the airport my husband became curious.
'So, how did you find out about this show?'
'My friend Cindy in California invited me'
'I do not remember you talking about this friend, who is she?'
'A very good blog friend'
'When did you meet her?'
'I haven't'
(Insert blank look)
And as anticipated a great friend indeed!!
And I could not have spent this time with a better group of women

We shared a gorgeous spring in the Texas countryside with stately Live Oaks just budding out
And fields of blue bonnets......sigh
And this house our tour guide, Kimberely found.
As I tiptoed into the rental house at 2am (long story) my bedroom awaited me
As mentioned in the previous post, this was a tour of Round Top by Kimberely of
OFF THE CAPE.  What a nice touch to find this Dash and Albert tote, welcome tag, a decorative oyster shell and a gift certificate to her online shop

Loved this room and could not wait to explore the rest of the house in the morning and best of all, meet my friends!

Living Room:  Fireplace painted black, raw wood mantle, taxidermy fish sprayed silver. 
I now find that I need a stuffed bass.....

Stucco walls, corrugated ceiling and apron, concrete floor stained black
Kitchen; cool.....
We shared in the delight of twenty five miles, both sides of the street, most 5+ tents deep, 
of an antiquers mecca........gluttonous overload 
The goods ranged from country, down home and sheer junk to grand salon

Vendors arrive from all over the world

Wanted every one of these stylish storage boxes from 18thc Italy, not at 195.00 each
The colors of the marbled paper covers remain vivid. What a stunning collection but they belong together, these 'file cabinets' of the influential in 1700's Milan. The temptation is strong to attempt
 a re-creation if only time allowed. Even the back of the boxes are attractive

We all stopped to admire this massive sign. Per the vendor, the sign, and one other, graced the entrance and exit of the manufacturer from 1902 until 1907, when the Dodge brothers became
simply Dodge. The asking price was $5,500.00, he had already sold the other.
In addition to the goods, some of the vendors were artisans with their vignette's. 
For me, I would rather look at beautiful pieces, well done that I cannot afford, versus endless junk. 
A favorite vendor of sheer genius in repurposing, innovation and display.

Custom made lampshades

A Spanish cabinet I coveted, that patina......$7,400.00. I naturally gravitate to the finest,
(a curse) however a find is my greatest joy. And find I did!

After hours fun
Kimberley our guide,  Kris from Driven by Decor and  Kimberley's friend,  Kim      
NOTE:  Blogging  issues I cannot seem to correct....please scroll down to finish   
Texas mud.........and success!

Next post:  The goods......

Feeling in the mood to tour? Come join me in France; Paris and Normandy. Three spaces left!
Check it out here


  1. Endless booths of junk at markets can turn a mood sour and invite escape. Happening onto a booth full of unique beautiful objects assembled in an inspiring way, excitement and inspiration! Thank you for taking your readers along with you! Love the boots with the hunting dogs on the toes!

  2. glad you like my boots cindy! found these in rural england

  3. Love it all Debra and what better way t tour Round Top, with a great tour guide and very special friends! Love the boot shots!!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Was St. Peter selling admission? Because that looks like Heaven!

  5. Debra,
    Creative display is essential for me, I quickly tire of endless exhibits of junk that "might" have a treasure. It really looks like fun, and great exercise! I too love the boots with the hunting dogs, leave it to the Brits!
    I'm eager to see what treasures you found for the shops (and for your own).

  6. Oh my gosh I want to go back!!! Let's do it again, we know what to do now! Wish I could come on your year!! The best part of the trip was getting to know you my friend!!!

  7. This looks fabulous! How wonderful to have met such beautiful friends through your blog. I cannot wait to see what you found

  8. How fun to see Round Top through your eyes - you were so much better at taking pictures than I was. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed spending the weekend with you and the rest of the group!

  9. You must have had the best time and loved the house where you stayed - so charming! We were so lucky to meet a few blog friends this year and it's just the best!! Can't wait to see your goodies…

  10. Agree entirely with your statement: " In addition to the goods, some of the vendors were artisans with their vignette's. For me, I would rather look at beautiful pieces, well done that I cannot afford, versus endless junk."
    We've seen fabulously pieces at Round Top shows. Overwhelming but worth it. Thanks for sharing your photos. Theresa

  11. My oh My!!! such a fun trip and thank you for including us in all of your fun!!!

  12. Hi, just loved this post! Where did you stay in Round Top?

  13. hi bonny
    email me and i will provide the info


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