March 20, 2015

Going to Round Top Texas!

Love an adventure! Combine that with travel, antiques and girl time, I'm in!
When Cindy Hattersley, a renown interior designer and well known blogger, Rough Luxe from California, dropped me a line, "Want to join us?" There was no response but YES!!!
Also joining us is the talented designer Kris of the blog Driven by Decor
If you have have not visited, these ladies are TALENTS!
As a veteran antique dealer, Round Top intimidated me. A town of 90, in the middle of nowhere, springs to action twice a year for this premiere antique market, 20 miles of market

What daunted me........
              When to go?'s 2 weeks long
              Where to stay?......when tens of thousands converge
              Where to start?.....when various fields open at certain times and 20 miles of goods!

Enter Kimberly Ellis of Fort Worth Texas. Kimberly who owns the mouthwatering online shop;
Off the Cape, is a Round Top veteran who has begun tours that answers all my questions and more; where to eat, lesser known haunts.......How could I not go?
How cute is Kimberly???
 Included in her travel package is the opportunity to stay in this farmhouse of which we have to ourselves

Some of my clients have their wish list but mostly I will be searching for my shop with an open mind and the anticipation of finding treasures. Could a girl be any happier?
Looking for something? I'll be happy to add you to my list
Stay tuned, adventures abound and a feeling of trouble ahead, the good kind!

                                                           Happy Spring!

want to be on the wish list? drop me a line


  1. I have lived in Texas for a year and one half now and have attended every show in Round Top since I have been here. Wouldn't want to miss one ever! It's crowded, a bit overwhelming in size but hey it's Texas and we do everything bigger here. Have fun! Maybe I will run into you.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. I cannot wait to see what you unearth!

  3. Oh my goodness this looks and sounds fabulous! I hope that you have a wonderful time!

  4. So jealous..this sounds like sooo MUCH fun!!! I cannot wait to hear all about it and love how she turned this into a business of helping others along the way, very clever, love the farmhouse you will be staying in, beautiful!! Safe travels...

  5. Debra,
    What fun! I have promised myself to do this tour sometime. My kids live in Austin, a car drive to Round Top. You'll have to share all of the fun and details with us. Safe travels and enjoy.

  6. Debra you are going to have a blast.I Adore Cindy and the other ladies sound great! ! Excited to see what you find!
    The Arts by Karena
    A New Gallery in Town!

  7. Debra, So happy your going and get to stay in that great farmhouse! I have always wanted to attend Round Top, but living in CA it seems I have never made that happen.... looking forward to your pics! Have a lot of fun and here's to finding and buying great stuff! All the best, Rié | Portobello Design Blog

  8. I'll be making my maiden voyage to Round Top as well, this month! Three other women and I are going. Two of them are verterans but we AREN'T staying in a farm house like you are! I've been in your shops, Debra and we are fellow AHAH retailers. Hope to meet you, one of these years!

  9. This is on my bucket list and it sounds as if you are doing it the right way!! Did not know they had a tour, that sounds fun!! I am sure you will find some real treasures, take lots of picts, and notes. I love seeing things through your eyes, I always learn something new. ENJOY!!!
    xo kathysue

  10. You lucky girl! Have fun and take lots of pictures. xo, N.

  11. Me too! If I think of anything I'll let you know!

  12. You'll have a blast at Warrenton, which is really where the fun begins for the shoppers & collectors. It's miles of vendors from all over the country & even abroad, so get ready to be shoulder to shoulder with buyers from Ralph Lauren or Rachell Ashell herself taking a break from her locally owned B & B.
    Make sure you wear comfy shoes for the long walks into the farm land, have a large hat just in case its sunny but take lots of water since you will loose track of time as you loose yourself in the glory of rust, patina and lace.
    I started going with my folks over 30 yrs ago and now I can say I've seen this baby grow into a true example of "Overload" of anyone senses of Collecting.
    Enjoy and don't forget to look for personal markers to know where you are…'s literally miles of shopping on both sides of the road from one town to the next…Texas style!

  13. WOW Dee!!
    30 years of this fun. thank you for such tips as it is OVERLOAD!

  14. Oh, I'm so jealous! How fun!! Hope you found some exciting pieces. One day I'll make it to Round Top. Please share more photos, Debra. Cheers


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