March 30, 2015


Armed with an iPhone, and sense of excitement with the thrill of the hunt is my 
sweet spot.

Following are a few of the items found..........

 A pair of wooden window awnings, France. Once utilized outdoor, would be charming in
 Several of us fell in love with this unusual table c. 1870, approx. 20' long, very narrow, the base would be cool stacked with baskets

A pair of turquoise and white metal tables originally from Chicago.....headed home

Reproduction lighting at a great price point
 An oddly charming watering can from Holland.
For some reason I want to draw eyes on it.........
Ohhhh how I love you! About 2' tall, leather clad stallion. I seem to have a knack for finding these of late and would love to know the back story. In the shop now is a dog made in the exact same manner
 with identical, equally soulful eyes.
From the same maker I would guess. Look at the detail, the sinewy muscles formed under the leather. Does anyone know anything about these?
 Paper mache' bowls that defy their composition. From a distance we thought these were clay.....
ala Pompeii

 Massive framed seashell botanicals, loved how the collection was assembled

 French champagne bottle shipping carts will receive an upholstered lift off top

 European bee hive boxes assembled into seating.
 Think I will add a rough belgian linen fabric to the seat top.
 Collection......see the mini bottle dryer under the clock?
Have personally never seen that miniature size before
In a clients ongoing installation I separated two standard sized frames, creating a pair of wall lights. They were attached to the wall at the bottom of the frame and allowed to lean forward about 20 degrees at the top. Lights were installed inside the bottom, when on, light emanates from the holes for an interesting soft glow. When off it leaves you with a beautifully textured sculptural effect. Cannot wait to share this space when its complete. And no, the 2 x 4's do not show, now.

 Pair of french shutters, doors?
 My favorite score......a collection of eleven boats from 6" to 3' long. C. 1930's Spain, hand crafted by a ship builder, whom intentionally left them without a skin for their architectural value
 This model has mini cannons along the side (looking down into a box)
 Heavy solid iron pillar turned table
NYC copper building pediment.
Love the stand it is mounted on, this piece would be great on a mantle
Wishing well from France. Faux Bois roof and removable bird, even the bucket is faux bois. Hand painted base. How charming would this be in your garden?

Lastly, should you go, there is a app for that. The Round Top App will be your best bud.
Goodbye texas, until next Spring!



  1. I don't know how you don't come home with it ALL!

  2. Debra I love the horse and those cool lamps!!

    Great finds for your shop!
    The Arts by Karena

  3. I don't know where to begin...The best part by far for me was getting to know you my "no longer virtual" friend. I just got back from Jenna's and we read your post together devouring every moment of it. Let's go back in the Spring and make it an annual event. I cannot imagine it would have been half the fun without you!! You are the best!!!

  4. OK, you found some seriously amazing finds on your last day - I'm jealous! Totally dying over those boats - love!!!

  5. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Oh how I love shopping through your eyes. So many wonderful, unique pieces. The boats are beautiful and will wonderful silhouettes with great texture for special rooms. You were so clever to use the bottle drying rack for a light fixture, very cool. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  6. Debra,
    Those lamps! I work for a builder, how cool would it be to have shades made with architectural plans. I love your horse, the detailing on it seems it would be impossible to achieve from leather. I definitely need to shop with you someday! :-)

  7. Dizzy with all the possibilities!

  8. wow. I cannot believe all the great stuff. I can only imagine all the fun guys had together. Looks like my version of heaven. :)


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