March 7, 2014

Waterlogue vs Brush Stroke

Have you discovered the fun watercolor app called 'Waterlogue?' Their tag line is Photography Distilled, a user friendly app that takes your photographic images and turns them into dreamy watercolors.

To my attention just came another artist styled app called 'Brush Stroke', providing an artist studio in your lap. Not only can you create a painting, you get to choose from endless options for just the right effect AND, if desired, you can instruct the site to print on canvas, the size, and delivered to your door, ready to hang, reasonably!

let's do a comparison...........

Brush Stroke   My kitchen


Brush Stroke

      Master Bedroom above and below

Brush Stroke     I collect original oil paintings of dogs. The wallpaper is Brunschwig and Fils En Pointe, a toile-like paper with dogs and hunting scenes

Brush Stroke. This app allows you to write something in the lower right corner. This reads Cooper, my beloved's name.

Brush Stroke   Actually the options are endless for a desired look. All the images I am sharing are in the normal setting

 A portion of a clients room in progress, Brush Stroke


What do you think? Have a favorite style?

When I shared this Waterlogue image of this clients garden, he asked me to print and frame it for him. So I will take this to Kinkos, have it enlarged and printed on very heavy linen/cotton stock. Next i will tear the edges versus cutting the image, to repeat the jagged edge effect. To the framer I go, requesting the image be floated onto mat board and encased in a thin black frame

                                              Have fun, give it a go, you will be addicted!

                                                                Happy weekend


  1. Hi, Debra! Hi, Cooper!

    Please do not tempt me: spring is coming and I am way behind on yard work!! Ok, maybe just a little fun :) I've heard of Waterlogue, but didn't know about Brush Stroke. I love them both - very different but equally brilliant.


  2. Oh,Debra, I'm hooked on waterlogged and just printed a picture of the front of our house on water color I'll have to try brush stroked!
    I love the paintings you've pointer wallpaper is wonderful. Have a great weekend, my friend.

  3. I love the Brush Stroke application.

  4. They are both fascinating! Love the first brushstroke of Cooper!
    2014 Artists Series

  5. Wow.....this looks even better!I do love Waterlogue but to print out I think I prefer Brushstroke...OK thats it getting it today, great...ANOTHER thing to play with:)

  6. I have tried both and, honestly, am not fond of either one. Maybe I haven't figured out how to play with them well enough. Many people seem to love both, but I personally prefer actual art and supporting working artists.

  7. I think I like the brush stroke...I heard they look better on-line and they don't have good quality when you print them out...

  8. Pinterest, move over! I see a new addiction coming on. I must try both of these. My husband has taken some beautiful photos while kayaking. I think Brushstroke would filter them really nicely. Thank you for the heads up!

    P.s. I'm so glad you wrote about eating hyacinth beans. I've read so much confusion about at what stage they go from edible to unedible, & not personally knowing anyone who eats them, was afraid to try myself.

  9. Can't decide.....but if I can just figure out how to make enough memory room on my iPhone, I will be trying Waterlogue first I think!

  10. Just to add to all this….have you tried another app "Glaze"? Too many choices! But Waterlogue remains my favorite!

  11. I've got a photo of the darling cottage I owned in the early 1990s that I need to locate. These apps would enable me to make a print so as to make my memories more tangible.


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