March 17, 2014

Are you there Spring?

Last week had it's series of ups and  it's downs. Most of the week was spent reassembling my computer as it had a total crash and was wiped clean. Many terrified days later we seem to be mostly intact......prayers answered.

On the plus side I was thrilled to win a gorgeous upholstered bench on a favorite blog, The Enchanted Home, it pays to comment!

And for great news this week, my cast comes off, a long 6 weeks! Some sort of walking boot is next, freedom!!
                                               Now, if Spring will appear..........

It is the most feminine of seasons, light, airy and bursting with all manner of pastels
Crab apples, and well any flowering tree for that matter, can be the foundation for a floral arrangement 
Tulips are perfectly wonderful from the market, particularly if you have these bad boys!
And deer, and sometimes squirrels. On our property I have both bunnies and tulips. How? We do not have a lawn service, hence no chemicals. What is then prevalent is clover, their hands down favorite food......nothing else is touched
Sandra Mehl, in the shop, just sent me this image, her latest watercolor. As soon as she gets him framed, this guy will grace our walls, while looking for a good home. 
Your safer bet is daffodils, never bothered by marauders 
Or Scilla
Scilla, en masse 
As the birds are furiously building nests, give them a hand.......imagine, all this intricacy, without hands
Set out your dryer lint on top of some shrubbery, or nestled in tree limbs. The hatchlings will thank you.                        
The Amy Howard gold leaf will be perfect for this application, cannot wait to try!
Spring contributes to such lovely tablescapes
Washi tape flags
These charming table votives are new to the nest candle line and just arrived. Diminutive in size with a very subtle hint of an herbal scent. Pretty lined down a table.
The new season is nearly here when our topiaries begin to arrive.  Nothing change an interior like fresh, live greens 



  1. What a gorgeous collection of spring you have here, Debra! I hope that this week is full of only ups! I'm also hoping that spring arrives as scheduled - we had some lovely spring weather last week, but it's been raining cats and dogs ever since.

    Happy Monday! XOXO

  2. I am so ready for spring! Last week we had a snow squall that dumped 8" in less than four hours - UGH. And I want to try those Nest votives. The Slatkins make the BEST candles.

  3. Was so happy you won......and love these images of spring, I know its out there just having a hard time finding us:) I cannot wait to fling open the windows and take in the fresh spring it!

  4. i could smell spring in the air today! thanks for all these glorious symbols of the season of hope and promise just around the corner. so happy that your cast is history and that your computer is still with you. sending healing light and smiles.


  5. Debra,
    Congratulations! Cast free is a huge leap towards 100% recovery. This is a lovely nod towards spring. I wish I could get crab apple blossoms here. Happy spring, my friend.

  6. This post is such a delight for the eyes, Debra. Congratulations on getting rid of the cast and for winning the Tina's bench...and congratulations to Sandra for such a beautiful watercolor. I don't treat my lawn either and now I know why I always have bunnies around but they don't eat my plants. I do it because I live beside a lake and I don't want to contaminate the water for the vast array of fauna residing here as well. Nice to learn we all have a symbiotic relationship.

  7. So many lovlies, it made getting up and turning on my computer so much better.

  8. I guess this is an example of when "getting the boot" is a good thing! I was thinking of you the other day and wondering how you were doing. Good to hear you're improving and hope you're hobbling around town in no time.

    I didn't know that critters would eat scilla. I planted 600 crocus bulbs a few years ago that kept the squirrels (tree rats) fat and happy for two years. I might have one or two left. I've never been a fan of yellow in the garden but perhaps I could do a bunch of white narcissus and scilla. Thanks for mentioning that.

  9. I'm so glad your cast is off and you won a beautiful bench....lucky you! I love spring, but this year we never had winter...It was never cold enough to put a jacket on...I never had a chance to light a fire!

  10. Congrats on that bench!!! Too darn bad for me! Glad your cast is coming off....pretty soon you'll be ready to go out and dig in the dirt. I can't wait to get back to my garden, which is a mushy wet mess at the moment!!! I know a few plants won't come back after such a brutal winter. Oh, well, a chance to try something new, right? Happy first day of spring, Debra!

  11. Such gorgeous images, Debra. We are expecting a spring weekend and snow on Tuesday…happy Friday!!

  12. Hi Debra, congratulations on winning the giveaway. Spring is never coming to my home....snow on Tuesday. I will dream about it from all your beautiful pictures.

  13. Congratulations on winning! Lovely pictures of Spring! It's the most joyful season for me – green and flowers, and freshnes – this is what keeps up my spirit and good mood.

    ~Ana Smith | Notting Hill Carpet Cleaners


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