February 7, 2012

BLOG loving

Two blogging superstar girlfriends, Debra of Acquired Objects and Barbara of Hampton Hostess
nominated me for the above award. Debra is a leading  expert in antique textiles, lives in New Hampshire in a killer home and setting. All with a great sense of humor. Barbara is chic and sophisticated as she guides us through the Hampton's and her life as a designer and hostess extraordinaire. Thank you ladies!

The Rules;
1) worship at the feet of those that nominated you
2)  share 7 facts about you only your BFF would know
3)  pass on the award to 15 other bloggers
4)  contact your nominees and tell them you have tagged them

OK, Here goes......

I am a spiller. I speak with my arms.
Last weekend a friend insisted I sit on her cream linen sofa, red wine in hand. Despite my protests, she insisted. No, I did not spill because I did not move.

Want a traveling companion? Call me, I can pack my bags in an instant.

I love and collect quotes.

If you are in trouble and need help, I am your person. Human or animal I will mindlessly run in to aid
LOVE chairs, they can be so diverse. A pair is perfect, a single is magical. And all the upholstery options are a delightful challenge. My friend Sylvia in England once owned a posh shop in London, selling only chairs.

Men in kilts send me over the moon. No, my husband refuses to wear a kilt. What's a girl to do, ogle  others.........I must get to Scotland!
And...... if that man in a kilt is making music out of this.........it is guaranteed I will make a spectacle of myself.

I hoard fabrics. One never knows when that great chair appears and needs dressing.

Ridiculously clumsy with bad luck. I possess every one of the attachments shown, multiples of the stylish neck brace.

I am passing this award onto some of my favorite blogs. You are in for a treat if you stop by and visit them

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                                                          Providence, Ltd.
                                                          Renae Moore Designs
                                                          Ragland Hill Social
                                                          Wind Lost
                                                          Renee Finberg
                                                          Charlotte Interior Designer Amy Vermillion
                                                          Always, Robins Egg Blue
                                                          House of Edward
                                                          Being Ruby
                                                          Art by Karena
                                                          House of Edward

Stay tuned, next stop............Nashville Garden and Antique show!

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