January 29, 2012

Finished......for now

Phew, going to market, it is complete! 
Shopping, decisions (will this sell?) husband questioning "are you really thinking that will sell?!" (insert the stink eye look), loading, hauling back, unloading, rearranging the shops, pricing......embracing a cocktail.  I know, I know, I really pinch myself and have fun on these antiquing jaunts, but.............love when it is over, till the next one that is!

What do you think of our haul? Hope you have fun looking!

 Recycle, recycle was again the uppermost theme and one I can really embrace.
 Re-purposed shipping crates supported with metal sides and finished with a steel top. Personally love the contrast of rough hewn and clean lined. It's all about contrasts
LOVE this concept. A friend goes to Europe frequently and buys discarded salvage. Not just salvage but that which no one else wants. Then her creativity is launched depending on what she finds.
Take vintage bottles, fuse with a band of copper one unbroken bottom with one unbroken top!

1.    take one broken wine jug
2.    salvage the top
3.    cut and add a band of copper
4.    Viola.......a lovely cloche!

Stacking chairs intended for the heap
1.     rescue
2.     clean and paint the union jack on the seats.......they did come from London after all

Same concept, different chair, this time add a sparkling metal cover to the seat

 A tobacco drying rack from Provence; add glass and a coffee table is born.  Something of this stature is large and over scaled, a real statement piece. Blend with some shiny elements in a room for great contrast
 Velvet giraffe fabric updates a 70's classic

 Adoring shutters, the real ones. They can be interesting flanking your interior windows or hung on the wall. I recommend you hang them with the proper exterior hardware so they are not flat on the wall but slightly angled. Take it a step further by adding a sconce to the shutter for old-world influence

 Remember the "aqua duct" cabinet from a previous post?

A recently completed project was painting this side table. 
Adoring high-gloss oil paint, alas oil paint is outlawed, (I could be an outlaw)........I made a discovery. See that finish above, slick, with no brush or roller marks and virtually scratch proof? Well it is a Chicago paint manufacturer, Graham's and their 'Aqua Borne Ceramic' paint. Initially used in medical facilities for a impenetrable and sanitary finish. Personally I like the contrasts (did I use that word again?) between the high gloss top and the satin finish base. 

 The old fashioned Apothecary jars from the deco era mingling with miniature apothecary jars from Portugal
 Remember the sail boat we found? Here it is in the shop with a backdrop of French school maps found in Normandy and appropriately.......a whale!

Have a splendid week and as always, thank you for visiting!


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