February 24, 2012

COLOR.....Are you in?

Are you embracing the latest Color Trend? After years of the muted 'Belgian' look and a dour economy, just maybe this is what we need to brighten our outlook. What do you think?

Everywhere we look...........fabrics

The trends in flower development is a sharp infusion of intense color

Flora Grubb's in San Francisco

A favorite.......the British Morris Minor. Remember turquoise cars? Well, even turquoise appliances?
I'm wondering if that would ever return? That I would ignore!


                                                              Would you go this far?

Fashion is easy.......Tiring of my basic black, I welcome a wardrobe switch
You could enter slowly with a signature piece for "pop"
                                                               Or total immersion

Inspiration is everywhere

Nature in particular is a huge source of inspiration

creeping thyme and grass checkerboard

                                                                     Are you in?

Happy Weekend, enjoy the Oscars!

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