July 9, 2011

Meet one of the HGTV 'Design Star's'

CANNOT WAIT! This Monday night! 

And..........I have a friend in the show

Meet Meg Caswell of Chicago a powerhouse of a personality. Excelling in her design business, 
her 'round the world travels to exotic locales at a moment's notice, a seemingly lack of fear and
 massively fun at parties. Cannot wait to see how she handles the 'lights, camera and action!'

                                  This image and those following were a part of her submissions

"are you ***!ing kidding?" is my take.  Meg reveals nothing!
Three of the cast members are from Chicago. Will you be watching?

As an aside.......my wonderful manager at the Chicago shop, Bart, has a brilliant sense of humor.
This vignette says it all!
(iphone shot, the walls are a charcoal brown, not olive. No, he is not wearing 'tidy whities', it's the light) 


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