May 4, 2011

Container Design; In 3 easy steps

Ready to do your containers? Depending on where you live you could be finished by now; but those of us in the north are still waiting
The nursery can be daunting and the choices overwhelming. If you have multiple containers how does one keep track? Here is a quick guide to make this endeavor successful

#1)    make a list of your containers, measure the diameter across the top, and bring this guide with you

#2)    When at the nursery get TWO carts. A larger one to hold your choices for purchase, a smaller one to to create your designs. Wheel around the small one and design a planter then and there, knowing the diameter. Place your choices in the cart; add, take away, play until satisfied. Transfer to larger cart and begin again for another pot.

Where to start?..........the flowers are enticing..........but pay as much attention to......... the foliage. And as in the photo above opposites attract;

         large leaf next to small leaf  
                            scalloped leaf next to strappy leaf
                                               varying colors

August;   a 'hot mess',  scraggly, all green, the flowers that enticed you are tired and resting. This could still be attractive with interesting foliages.

# 3)    A familiar adage is "THRILLER".......see the large leafed banana

"FILLER" for mid-range interest The pink caladiuium

And lastly........the SPILLER; silver and chartreuse

Happy planting! 
if you tried this method share a copy of your work so i can share


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