April 26, 2011

Watching the Wedding....in a 'dreamlike' state?

Yes, 3:00am, central time, the alarm will startle me but I will get up to watch the pre-wedding chat shows. It's mass excitement, on the world stage, a time of dreams and fairytales in a 'time' of need.
Before the alarm sounds I am certain to dream of Princes and castles.............

The fire would already be roaring, the remote within arms reach......a tea would be lovely. I'll pull up the down duvet and reach for Cooper, my Corgi. The butler will be alerted to prepare my tray, breakfast in bed is sheer luxury

Nothing like being served in bed.......NO,  not the image i had in mind!
Is this my nightmare or a crystal ball? AGGHHH

ahhhhh, much better........the butler arrives

Oh, that butler!?

Ah yes.......now i am ready for the festivities to begin

 The eponymous  'Fortnum and Mason', a London institution, nicely outlined
 the days festivities along with a sumptuous brunch in their elegant dining room and probably a first,  a large screen television. A magical way to celebrate.

I shall watch the wedding in my 'fascinator'. One can only hope that Princess Beatrice, she of the ridiculous headpieces fame, will show a modicum of restraint. However hat watching is a traditional sport and often the more outlandish the better. Where else is Millinery an in demand profession?

This will do, don't you think?  And I am hoping this is a trend that takes hold here in the US, how fun are these?
Since we were not invited, we can celebrate this happy occasion with the world, indulge our own princess fantasizes from afar and then make reality happen, with reservations...........
Space is available but filling quickly. So, we are repeating this journey immediately following;
September 9th to September 16th. Space is limited to fourteen.

Everyone wants to take part


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