May 11, 2011

A custom garden for Mona

Life's journey is about the roads we take, the roots we set and the connections we make along the way

One connection I treasure, is the friendship with fellow blogger Mona, of Providence Design. This talented designer wrote a post about her garden dilemma's.......a dialogue began back and forth

Mona's those shutters; scale and color

Having honed my skills in England, a long ago dream was to incorporate those principles and practices in America. Now my dream is to expand my passion beyond my region. 

For some time I have contemplated offering an on-line design service, this collaboration propelled me to move forward. As the test case, i 'tested' her with my massive learning curve with my new mac and unknown programs. Think we have it, and hope you enjoy 

Now onto Mona's........

Courtyard After........

The crescent shaped border is viewed from the Family Room and generally from a distance. Nothing 'pops' since all the materials are the same green


This would be a great entrance focal point, off the side door where a small terra-cotta pot is; empty or lavishly planted
Hope you enjoyed our project. Email me if you have any questions . I would love to assist you!

Stay tuned for my two other services post

'click here' is not yet active. write here;

Thank you Mona

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