March 30, 2010


Everything is happening so fast!    

Ever feel like this?

Or this?
Piles are looming.............landscape designs.............interior calls..... a gazillion details.......time wasted searching for things;  keys, cell phone, files....... And I miss reading my favorite blogs and commenting.

I WILL get out will all come always does

This week we are partnering with NEST candles in promoting Autism Speaks. And April is Autism Awarness month.
Laura Slatkin, creator of NEST candles has an autistic child and Laura has developed  the 'Blue Garden' fragrance, a refreshing burst of spring with scents of Blue Hydrangea, Hyacinth and Forget-me-nots with fresh green notes. BUT...........100% of the proceeds goes to Autism Speaks!

Join us in the launch April 1st and April 2nd at the shop. Refreshments, extended hours (until 7pm) and Scentimental Gardens will be donating 10% of our sales to Autism research.

Some of the aforementioned plate spinning is of my own doing.
But I am excited to share some news........we are opening our third shop in Chicago. Preparations are fast underway and there IS SO MUCH TO DO as we hope to open in May! But until further updates save June 18th for our grand opening party......and I cannot wait to reveal who our special guests are once all the details are finalized.

Opening at the same time, next door, will be my good friend Julia Edelmann of Buckingham I.D. and the Chicago blogger of Material Girls.................Oh do we have plans!

Then it is off next week on an antique buying jaunt, one of life's little pleasures. Birmingham, Knoxville, Atlanta and Louisville.

This time will be different...........the newly retired Steve will be the driver/co-shopper.
Some of our conversations;

Me;   "If I need a bathroom break will you stop?"
Him;  "Of course, I am retired now!"
Me;   sigh.........

Him  "I will help you buy"
Me:  "Ok, will learn about antiques?"
Hin:  "No, I will watch what you are spending".
Me   SIGH..........

Sister used to join me on these trips, but as you can see she is busy. Busy with new friends, such as Art Smith. Sound familiar? That is the newly svelte Art of Oprah's personal chef fame. But if in town, his restaurant 'Table 52' is a must!

Happy Easter!

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