March 8, 2010


We offered a giveaway..........a makeover of a home's exterior. I had hoped for many entries and with the help of my blogger friends; Deborah of Boxwood Terrace, Lauren of Pure Style Home and Michelle of My Notting Hill, 90+ entries came my way.

My request was for a photo and a paragraph on why help was needed. My criteria was a home in need of both a "Curb Appeal" makeover and landscaping.

I narrowed it down to ten. Those ten were forwarded to the ladies above, photo only. Some of the stories were heartbreaking but that was kept to myself wanting them to focus on the house only. Together it was narrowed to one.

                                                                        The Winner!!! 
                                                                     Gay of Michigan

And it is perfect! Great bones with amazing potential, I cannot wait to get started. Here is part of her story.............

"We purchased this house in September 2009 after we found out my husband has leukemia. With the chemo we needed to simplify our lives. This 100+ year old Plain Jane does nothing for us on the outside. I would love to see a porch, plantings for birds, and an interesting landscape in winter..... Color? I am open. Personally I am drawn to an urban country style, more hip and updated." 

As in this design for my shop we have much work to do and I have a million questions. Once we hone in on all of her desires and her want list, the process will begin. All in all will take about 3-4 weeks, so stay tuned! 

 My joy in this process was to share a passion and bring happiness to someone's most valuable treasure; their home. And, if being totally honest........really additionally help promote this service we provide.

But something else has developed that I did not expect, something profound that could be life changing. Gay shared with me more of her story. And it is a story of potential grief but of a great love.

Her darling husband needs a bone marrow transplant and there are no matches in the data base, not even his children.

 Gay's emotion at winning a fresh look for their home was so joyous and beyond grateful. But there lingered another wish she NEEDED to come true. 

A curse I possess..........well, maybe a that I am a "fixer". Always wanting to jump in and help, to fix, to make-better. And you know what? Maybe I can and maybe YOU can too.

This fantastic community we belong to........blogging, contains so much; inspiration, design, fashion, travel, recipes and a huge sense of community and budding friendships. A true sense of belonging.

As individuals we can do our part

As the blogging community we can spread the word and REALLY help.

Imagine if we all reached out and spread the word, the power we hold.

The difference and the power I am referring to?
Joining the National Bone Marrow Registry. Go here to look up and to sign up. I did and it took 10 minutes of my time. You can offer to donate or for free they will send you a test kit containing a swab to rub inside your cheek of which you return. 

Can you imagine the power of us as a group? Bloggers and their readers?

As a reader you could consider joining the register.

As a blogger, would you consider posting about this?

Together, we can be someone's hope

 And...........imagine the magic if we found a match......the best "giveaway" ever.   Are you in?

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