March 17, 2010


The planting season is nearing...well, here in the north. And now it a great time to assess your containers.
How do you determine if yours are a match to your home?

My business is to "know" but........ taste being subjective...........let's explore options

  • A sense of formality
  • The colorway would mirror the limestone trim
  • The body scallop is a near repetition of the limestone 

  • Informal container as the home is country French
  • The large empty spot on either side of the door could be nestled with this container
  • As this container ages it will take on the color ways of the house, stain would make that instant
  • An obelisk as shown in the smaller existing pot would be a nice touch

  • I am partial to the container on the's simplicity does not upstage the house
  • The interjection of some curves to a very square profile
  • Would paint it white to match the trim or the teal/gray of the left option for a pop of color

  • The existing containers work; they do not upstage the complexity of the house
  • These are another idea........the formality and strong colorway are complimentary

  • The height of those on the left counterbalance the low profile of the structure
  • The large  picture window would become a focal point with window boxes
  • Color? I love the color of that pale blue. What do you think if the shutters went to a dark bluish/charcoal?

  • Both home and planter are not too formal but has elements of formality
  • Love the spheres near the walkway, this color would highlight them
  • Personally would do some re-arranging and place the planters on plinths for height and set in front of the shutters where they meet. What a perfect stage for the plants.

  • Two options here, both could work and both are very different.
  • The fish scale pot replicates the shingles at the peak. I would place at the bottom of the stairs on a matching base and put a rust toned glaze over the pot to blend
  • The wire pot on a stand suggests the Victorian era. If kept planted profusely, I would place it on the ground centered on the front porch to the right

  • Notice the prominent slate roof? The amazing colorways?
  • This choice picks up the lead color in the roof, and the cistern nature blends with the era and style

  • The angular nature of this contemporary home needs a softening effect
  • The wavy motion like form in the same colorway could be planted with exotic/architectural stop in your tracks plants
  • There is already the cedar fence which introduces an opposing color, this choice does not add to that; i would stain the fence grey

  • There is a lot going on here architecturally. I would add a complimentary, to the window trim, planter and allow the plantings to "speak"

  • GORGEOUS!!    The Faux Bois oversized cement planter created by friend Richard Taylor
  • Mimics the same old world charm, would not upstage but enhance

  • Folk Victorian; in the day.........a middle American take on the more elaborate Victorian
  • The black pots are classic but not fussy. Black will bring down the height and blend with the shutters.

  • A blend of architectural styles does not replicate any one look. I would say the overall look is traditional in a relaxed manner. 
  • My choice would be these wooden containers stained in the dark brown of the trim

  • Italiannate......what else but the same; black and large

  • Formal...... meet formal
  • From about the same era, the white is perfect and I would place them on either side of the front door....between the door and window........the red brick is a perfect back drop

  • Two strong elements here are the tile roof and the curved arches.
  • Placed out into the garden this would both enhance and create a tie-in

  • Let's be different! A window box would be expected. A series of free formed pots mounted under the window would be charming......horizontally that is.

  • Prairie styled home............prairie styled pots. And, the color is perfect!

  • Lot's of action here.....would keep it simple, match the shutters and fill with bronzey foliage plants and primary colored flowers

  • Two options here;
  1. An eye popping contrast with the over sized copper pots
  2. Charming wooden planters either allowed to age to the mellow gray or painted white

  • This home is very asymmetrical. One planter near the bench in an aged patina would work

  • Choices choices! 
  • Against the home and within the courtyard allows for many styles. Love the cylindrical lead planter as shown and the strapped and hinged planter in the center

  • Arts and craft meet arts and craft!

  • South Carolina courtyard full of your pot!
  • I would stain this concrete urn BLACK and place on a plinth in place of the low ringed bowl as shown

  • You guessed it.............A HOUSE OF TIRES.....needs.......tada!

Let's get inspired with beautiful containers in lovely settings

Not a true match on the window box and sometimes opposites attract. This box stands out but, is still tied this case the front door

Do not be afraid to blend materials but know when to stop...........two colorways are great......three or more is pushing it

This home's height can be imposing. By replicating colorways OUT into the garden "brings down" the structure. LOVE when pots come out onto the property versus always on either side of the door.

CRAZY for this palette; bluestone shades are enhanced with the zinc planters. You could not possibly rush to this door and ring the doorbell but stop, sigh and let everything sink in.

The 'Terra Cotta Pot" house. Look close, the entire front is layered with varying heights of all one type of pot. Love how this arrangement becomes "one with the house" by adding the trellis panels and making this composition blend..

Unsure of your planters?  Send me photo's, we will look together 

"Wishin' you a pot o' gold, and all the joy your heart can hold............Irish blessing



  1. Saw one of these pics on Pinterest, fabulous.

    Even better, is this post. Put a link to it in my post today.

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

  2. What a great post! I found it through Tara and will be saving it for future reference.

  3. Thank you Tara for finding this brilliant post. Thank you Debra for the brilliant post.


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