August 8, 2009


Ever want to just take off and wander?

Be alone with nature and your thoughts?

With a sense of adventure?

Scanning for gold?

Smelling the roses?

Running to the sea? Taking in the salted air

This scene reminds me of a solo trip to Devon England. I set out one day to follow a lone path that climbed steeply, the sea was to my right. The distant sound of crashing waves and nothing else is powerful and alluring.

The return route could not be repeated, I had to take the woodland route, it was yet to be discovered. The lure was childhood literature of the dark English forest, it's myths, fables and legends all beckoned. Adding to the sense of danger was a now raging storm, dark clouds and wild winds. Slipping and sliding as the path became a mud bath there suddenly appeared a clearing and I saw this;

This looks benign enough.

But unlike the photo, this was not my first image. That was of all the cows running towards me enmasse. They then went silent, totally silent except for the two bulls lingering far behind snorting and pawing the soil, furiously. You see the path continued via wooden steps up and OVER the barbed wire, returning was not an option i had come too far...............I had to enter.

Up close cows are massive and bulls, well...........As I stood on the top wooden step, yellow rain jacket blowing with the wind I prayed that they did not mind yellow, red.....we all know about, but how do they feel about yellow! As I, lead player in my personal English forest fable, took my first step down and into their world, they began to part, silently, right down the middle. Feeling empowered I strode through the cows then the bulls and as the British say "carried on" with a renewed sense of "strength".
Today if I am faced with a challenge my sister will say "oh, you can do that, you can part cows!"

Paths and roads are a metaphor for life

Do we stay on the straight and narrow?

Accept life's twist and turns

Follow a path openly and with a sense of adventure, not knowing where it will lead?

I will always choose the latter. Wrong turns have led me to lifelong friendships, my career, discoveries about myself and new ideas.

Allow yourself to get lost................ follow 'The Road not Taken".

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