August 5, 2009

I am tired of my containers......................

Come every August, I am tired of my containers, tired of watering, fertilizing and looking at the same old/same old. So, I am dreaming of fake boxwood. Can one ever tire of boxwood?

Here is a photo of a London (land of few watering chores) roof top garden and ALL the boxwood is faux! The element of the spikey plants is a nice offset to the formality of the sheared box.

Shown here is a close-up of faux hedges available in this scentimental gardens. Doable yourself on a galvanized frame and mounting the sheets but also available in ready-made hedges. These can be used outdoors to great effect and will last about five years.

No, these are not mine, but not too far. Someone else shares my sentiment.

The talented Deborah Silver, owner of Detroit Garden Works created this whimsical eye popper with faux boxwood balls.

Crazy for this composition in a window box, streamlined and adaptable to compliment any style home.

I applaud creativity but sometimes........................hmmmm.

A British firm called Fake Landscapes is most creative, shipping would be outrageous. Does anyone know of a US firm? I love the pig and shaped hedges with boxwood ball finials and no pruning!

Locally we have access to sheets or as shown, tiles of faux boxwood. Here is a look at an effect we did in one room of the shop. These were tacked to the ceiling in a checkerboard pattern. Would love to do the ceiling of a powder room in solid box. (don't ask, that wild chandelier is sold. everyone has wanted it)

Love this garden vignette with the faux wall panels, this would be very easy to do!

And my favorite, from Domino Magazine, a New York city roof top garden completely encased for privacy. A cabana and massive box hedges in charming containers.

Let's finish here! This post was delayed because my sister and I were away for the weekend. On the way home we were reminiscing about days of laughter, touring, dining and cocktails with our dear friend Tommy ( a great host) and his delightful friends. remember that previous post with my husband steve driving with the horse head facing him? shhhhh, sister is much more fun!
The clown? long story...........but here is a hint, it is not mine...............


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