June 22, 2009

Strength in Numbers

"In union there is strength"

This year, 2009, is my 20th year in business. The learning curve was, and still is, huge. The rewards beyond measure. My company is my only child, my heart and soul. Gratitude is an enormous component, via my business I have made countless friends, lost a few, shared our lives and grown together. My blessings are counted daily.

And again, together, we will tough out the economy. Old patterns will be modified, I will learn to shift gears, you may see changes but that is the cycle of life. By and large I am happy to say we are "still in the game", thanks to you. But do I ever worry, absolutely, we all do.

A recently discovered organization has grabbed my attention, full on strength. Read below;

learn more here (or to read without a magnifying glass)

Together, those of us that can, have a responsibility to actively support our favorites. My three businesses are;

Town House Books and Cafe in St. Charles, Illinois. Here

Sandra Webster clothing in Geneva, Illinois. Here

Moveable Feast in Geneva, Illinois. Here

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