July 16, 2018

Atlanta Market & an English Garden walk & tea

Just returned from HOT Atlanta from the summer gift show. The highlight was a book signing with......

My total girl crush, and my geek out moment!

Trends in Atlanta?

Tassels everywhere, liking this one
Black and White art
Macramé everything
Sorry........I remember these days
Tribal art/patterns/textiles/baskets, rugs........

The organic & textural nature appeals to me, I am really embracing this, in small doses it lives large
We might all keep this in mind

 Before we get to the garden event, I wanted to share a find I thought was smashing

One of my besties, Lisa Burnett, is a master at seeing beyond a piece and elevating it to another level. I bought these for the shop; very old French wine tags framed…..FAB!

  This Friday, we are opening my garden for an 
  English styled garden walk and tea.                        
  As they do in Britain, a private garden opens for a charity.
  Actually I live in Wayne but GPS will not take you there,
  but will if you plug in St. Charles. How do you fix that??
  Our charity is a long time favorite, Garfield Farm,    
  a 366 acre 19th farm, homestead and museum  
  authentically preserved. The dedicated staff will    
  bring rare breed chickens

  Pastries will be providdd by a local Geneva bakery and cafe,  
  Cocoa Bean, well known for excellence and originality
  At 11am and 2pm I will provide a demonstration on  
  professional tips for cutting & arranging fresh 
  Can you come? Hope so, would be lovely to see you!
                         With love!


  1. Macramé. You had to go there, didn't you? LOL
    Love those wine labels.

  2. Oh Deb I wish I was going to be in town to see your fabulous garden! I love the wine labels and all of your other finds. Have a wonderful summer and a beautiful day on the 20th.

  3. I too remember the macrame of the 70's and share your lack of enthusiasm for it's latest incarnation. Thanks for sharing the hysterical photos.

  4. I’m so excited to see your gardens Debra! A girlfriend (who wants to come on your next England trip) and I will be there! See you soon! Carol

  5. That looks like a FAB book! How fun! Passing on your garden party invite to my aunt in St. Charles. You go, girl! (So 2013!)
    Barbara, The Treasured Home

  6. Good Morning! A quick question, are the tickets available for door purchase? I am unsure of my schedule for Friday.

  7. Oh my gosh I am literally going to be in Indiana on the 26th for a reunion and meeting with farm sale people! Darn it! I would love to come and see the work of the master! I love that Karl Lagerfield comment. I am posting this on my facebook page. You may have some Indiana visitors!

    1. I will wave from here. it's really cool, people coming from several states, and the forecast is thunderstorms! yikes

  8. How exciting to meet Diane Keaton!! Very cool lady. Macrame?? really? yes, I too remember those days. Don't know if I can go back. But I am sure it is many cuts above what the 70's had to offer.

  9. I wish I lived near so I could attend. Sounds wonderful.

  10. I would be there in a HEART BEAT if I did not have 14 people for dinner SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!!What a THRILL TO SEE DIANE KEATON!!!!!
    AS for MACRAME......I cant even spell it.....YUCK!I'm with you on the natural fibers...........and of course I LOVE the old labels!!!!!!If I had a wine cellar those would be MINE!!!!!!!!Have a wonderful GARDEN DAY!!!!!!I have told 2 people so hopefully they show up!5 acres.............I'm coming to visit NEXT SPRING!!!!!XO

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