June 30, 2018

Just Three Things

Eons ago, a good friend, whose fashion sense I admired, said "YOU MUST, always remember "Three things". She went on to name those items listed in Personal below; coat, shoes and bag.
"Throw on old jeans, or even sweatpants, as long as the 3 are covered, 2 in summer, you are styling!" And she is right, a mantra I live by some 30 years on.

Then I got to thinking, "Can't the same apply to our homes?"
 I put together a list. 

Three things to me that are the components for good design

   1. Good bag
   2. Killer Shoes
   3. Smashing coat

  1.  Quality Upholstery in classic designs. My first sofa was a big financial jump for me, $$$$. Always feeling that classic lines will never fail and quality guts will always last. This is a similar style to mine, except I have back cushions,  English rolled arms, and clean lines. It has been re-upholstered once and is as comfortable and timeless at 32 years old, from the day I purchased it. 
Note......Because Marcel's puppy stage included eating furniture, it is in my barn currently awaiting a 2nd re-upholstery

Caught in the act!!!!
Anyone notice that my dog is color coordinated?????
Details, Details.......

  2. Fab lighting. I am really taken with lighting these days, the wealth of styles is off the charts

  3. Antiques, please say yes to antiques! With the sameness in design, these days, from the quick, cheap & easy box stores, vintage will set your home apart while imparting patina, & stories to tell. and as the photo below conveys, even in modern interiors


   1. Good "bones"......... a sense of structure, elements of sameness to not confuse the eye as to where to look next

My house.......pssst, if you are local I am hosting a garden walk & English tea, with demo's & European sweets. Stay tuned.......
July 20th

   2. Winter Interest

Here is my garden in winter, there is much to still see. For those of you that have winter landscapes, plan on having an interesting garden 12 months of the year

   3. Foliage contrasts; shapes and colors

Different colors, different shapes. 
Much more interesting, yes?


1.  Oversized lighting. 
Cannot emphasize this enough. Small & underscaled lighting is amateurish. Look around while driving, this could make you crazy too!
This house is perfect, every detail

Friend Suzy Stout's former home.......it's brand new!
My post on this home & garden has been a perennial fav

   2.  Great paint combo, possibly with shutters

Now that is daring!

   3.  Appropriate style containers
 Less planters, but substantial. Save yourself time watering too with large containers. Much more interesting. And of course, reflects your architecture

The above boxes are by friends Beau and Nancy Kimball,  in Woodstock ll. Kimball & Bean makes and ships these planters around the world, in any size or color
Ok, so they are fountains, BUT, as planters, would be smashing! You get the idea.....

Onto a totally different topic...........

Need an AGA anyone? for a great price? Barely used!
This is NOT the one for sale, it's mine and I have a love affair with this stove
I love mine so much, I can never imagine life without one. Yes, I am very odd! 
 My client heard me raving and asked to come and see mine, while having a demo of course. After all, let's share the love!
A surround and original painting on melamine, and viola, installed. Same local artist as mine, Stephanie Fania

 Having since moved, the new owners, well........no love affair there. I believe the primary reason is the heat, as theirs is fronted by a sink, mine has nothing in front of it so the heat is not contained. 

 Practically new. Interested? Questions? Drop me a line, my email is below, 

contact me at.  debra@scentimentalgardens.com


  1. Such a great post, Debra and a wealth of information. I love your design tips, especially adding a great antique and I need all of the garden help I can get!! Happy Sunday, sweet friend!

  2. As usual, a quiet Sunday and I can spend all the time I want indulging in your latest blog. Design overload, my dear. Delicious...cheers

  3. Debra I have always admired Suzy Stout's style. It figures you guys are friends! That Marcel what a little character. I think Marcel is Beau's kinda guy!!

  4. I love your list. You can get two for one with the furniture if, for the quality piece, you get an antique.
    So jealous of your AGA!!!! However, I am quite fond of my Falcon with induction. Not crazy about the ovens, but the induction range is awesome. I will never go back.

  5. Debra,
    Too bad I don't live closer (and have a larger kitchen!), I've always wanted an AGA.
    I loved this post. I can appreciate the simplicity and timelessness of the fashion advice as well as the home's "just 3 things". Yes, Marcel coordinates beautifully with your sofa. I've always been accused of coordinating my dogs with my decor---why not?! Hahaha.

  6. In your second picture under "Gardens," the shrubs are a uniform shade of ... brown? Presumably that's intentional, and wondering what they are.
    Gorgeous garden pix. I have a pair of antique carriage lamps, bought eons ago at auction, and one of these days will get to use them on a house, but they'd have to be wired first.

    1. emm
      I should have mentioned that those brown shrubs are beech, which browns up early then holds onto it's leaves until the new spring foliage pushes it off

  7. YES TO ANTIQUES and oversized exterior lighting. You are so right about EVERYTHING.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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