October 5, 2016

Hello?? Anyone still there???

Let's get reacquainted after my disappearing act...........
My Blog vanished, and when I tried to "find" it, it went through a few reincarnations. First up, my blog was called "Begging for Attention".......what?!!?!  Then "Sentimental Notes".....WTH!!!
Finally a young staff member "found it!"

                                                           Let's catch up!

I am writing from Sherborne England, my annual slice of heaven. Sylvia and I just finished leading a great group of women through gardens, manor homes and antiquing. We are busy preparing for next years group, want to come???? You should, it is so much fun

English Gardens are, well, everything....... It is where I studied, absorbed and become inspired. This place set my career

This year included Highgrove, HRH Prince Charles garden.

My favorite antique for the shop, so far, is this Tunisian Oil wheel, 12thc. Being nearly petrified wood at this stage I see it as a sculpture, particularly in a modern setting. A Frenchmen whom lives in Tunisia is getting on in age and dispensing with his personal collection. So organic and original!
On the home front is a new addition to our family, meet Marcel! A nine month Bergere Picard, a French herding dog whose low numbers keep this breed in the endangered category.

There has been some improvement since this 5 month old snap, the barricades are down, but another very naughty trait emerged and he now has a veterinarian behaviorist/psychiatrist. Yep, who knew there were such specialists. A friend noticed the Caesar Milan book, not working is it?
More on Marcel later

When in our locally renown pet shop, Wet Nose, I met Bruno and had to share. The outfit catches your eye, but the personality is massive. Mr. Bruno, insists on wearing shoes before he will go outdoors, and ruled the shop for attention....endearingly. Vigorous tail wagging, he held court while posing and relishing the "ooh's and ahhh's"    SHOES????!!!
In July the Atlanta Gift show was exciting, always is, and my fetish for candlelight was satisfied. Lately, the new taper flameless are truly lifelike. Now in store; iron wreath hangers that hold a flameless taper, love!
 A wonderful wall sculpture made of pliable wire that bends and twists in a multitude of directions, creating drama and texture, simply. When the manufacturer displayed them with the ends curling around flameless tapers, we had to re-create that in the shop. The tapers are turned on and off with a remote, brilliant!
 But these took my breath away.......
 These are flickering light bulbs, that resemble real candles. The light they cast is soft and can also be used outdoors in exterior lighting to give the essence of gas lights.
How cool are these?  They work like light bulbs turning off and on via the light switch.
How long do they last? Probably your lifetime; 100.000 hours which equates to being on continuously for 12 years if left on the entire time
 If you have read the blog Design Indulgence, my favorite, Sherry always talks about Sudi, seamstress extraordinaire. These are Sudi's, and they are exquisitely made of Kerry Joyce fabrics with down inserts.......and they are available :-)

My favorite container planting scheme for a client. One massive planter wall basket, lined in burlap and planted heavily.
Cherry colored impatiens, Dipped in Wine Coleus, Gartenmeister Fuschia (love orange and pink, so Lily Pulitzer), Marguerite Sweet Potato, Ivy and Ferns
How about this Biennial for texture, great in the ground or pots; Sage Argentea.
A very French landscape with these massive planters we brought in
The front garden
A true joy is checking in on a client and seeing such excellent care, thank you Mary!

                     Thank you for being here, see you soon!




  1. Wow, these gardens are awe inspiring my friend. That image of the poppy that was the size of a salad plate blew me away. The West Highland that wears shoes and sports a pearl lead? I want a dog like that! :-)
    So happy you found your blog. I'm working on plans for a friend's garden and atrium. I will definitely be a copy cat and use the combination you share in the window boxes. Ivy, coleus and more---love it!
    Enjoy the rest of your stay in my favorite place in the world, my friend.

  2. First time to visit. Thoroughly enjoyed every word and picture. Looking forward to my next visit to your blog.

  3. Marcel looks like an angel and Bruno is quite the diva with his boots! Love the window boxes.

  4. Yes, still here and happy to see you. It's the dog faces that did it.

  5. I'm so happy to see you in my inbox!! It looks like a beautiful trip to England - would love to go with you as my guide! Happy Tuesday ~

  6. I wondered where you were and what you are up too! So nice to see you, welcome home and back! I love your little pup and cannot wait to hear what the is up to. As for the shop dog with shoes, so adorable.

    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.


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