October 16, 2016

British Antique shows

The more upmarket British antique venues are jaw dropping. Dealers come from around Europe with stunning finds. Finds like my petrified wooden wheel from the 13thc. .....yes,  13thc!! 
At markets such as these, I can find less for resale but I am "gob smacked" for inspiration and I would rather buy less than walk endlessly sorting through piles of junk...this scores!
 My favorite show anywhere, ever, is this one, in London.....The Decorative Antique and Textile Fair
 The vignettes themselves are stunning
What appears to be shields, in actuality, is Nigerian currency, 17thc
The mix.........mod and vintage, great contrasts
Swedish washboards. As a collection, smashing. Love to see organic elements in any setting but particularly in modern, a fab contrast
Hmmmmm, suddenly looks interesting doesn't it? Faced with the typical orange oak, these have been hard to sell of late, not like this! Bleached wood was everywhere
 I love the moodiness of each booth, it distinguishes each from one another, as though you are entering a private space around every bend
 Everything is 'elevated' on a stand
Dog tired........dogs are everywhere in this country, Marcel would be thrilled for the access, I would be thrilled to take him
My struggle, i wanted these, BAD!
 Just a bit too pricey.....finials from the Brighton Pavilion. Now I am regretful, ignoring my own adage, 'Buy what you love as you may never see this again'
Always have my eyes open for upholstery ideas, as some of the most imaginative have come from this show

Going on this weekend, for the first time ever. I predict this will be a roaring success, Bruton Antique Fair. As we arrived on 'trade day', sold signs were popping up like mad

 I wanted this as i fell in love; Italy, c. 1840.....£1,200.00 yes, in pounds
The entire booth displayed this creative set-up to sell canes
Marcel in one of his forwarded daily shots....at least he can go anywhere...in a car!

Stay tuned
Sylvia and I are finishing up the details for a 
London Interior and Antique Tour!



  1. I love it! What amazing shots of (probably) the best antiques show I've seen. Some of the pieces, especially the finials, are priceless. I loved the shot of the woman snoozing with her pup on lead. Marcel is such a handsome devil!
    So happy you shared these treasures.

  2. What a treasure trove of fabulous pieces, Debra. Love all of the Swedish pieces and the lanterns are wonderful! Happy Monday ~

  3. Make that hoo boy! Dang auto correct.

  4. I'm on an antique high now.....thanks for a great post! Enjoy yourself and remember there are those of us that envy you to pieces! Buy, buy, buy....you may never see it again!

  5. Be still my heart! Yummy goodies there. I love antique shows, and those are fabulous. Cheers


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