May 3, 2016

The Market Report!

I know you have heard of March Madness, my life is May madness; when interiors and landscapes collide, head on, with an anvil......well, you get it.
In between is my happy place, HIGHPOINT market, the twice a year international furniture and accessory event, and an event it is!

Let's look at trends, and have to have's

What is the biggest trend?

Let's enter.........
Color, Furniture, Soft Goods, Lighting, Rugs
I was not supposed to over hear this conversation from a very proper English lady explaining the brand philosophy to the reps; 
First we make everything absolutely perfect, then we go back and f_ck it up a bit
I loved her!

Also stunning in gray tones, we are carrying her rugs with samples coming in

Everything Organic

This stopped my heart; rough hewn reclaimed wood, hand pegged, soapstone top, hand glazed terra cotta vessels
Heavily textured linen and low profile seating. Six of these are headed to a clients harvest table with a taller version for head chairs.
Lucite framing and very creatively. Did you know that Lucite and Acrylic are the same thing?

LOVE!!!   Whimsical shapes. Add anything you want, a front and back magnet holds your piece/photo/ephemera.......... in place
Gallery walls that are an interesting mix of art. These can tell a story, about you, your interests, your eye, your world
Most prominent color? Coral, with orange a close second. Pantone's pair of colors for the year; pale blue and pale pink......absent.
Screech! Pull the car over!
Sadly my photography into the glaring sun did not do this composition, in the round, any justice. Packed, full, textural, gorgeous!
Thinking outdoors, feast your eyes. Not new, but olive jars, ala Provence are on trend
Clever outdoor (or indoor) console with bottom plate keeping the wood off the ground
Sunbrella webbing; comfortable, retro, fast drying

A Polish company crafting these wood and metal strapped planters that were affordably within reach, well in comparison to anything similar 
A concrete or glazed floor lamp for outdoors. A testament to this piece is that you can take it into the deep woods and read a book. Mind spinning yet? No, I would not take this into the woods but you get the concept.
The shades are melamine, the base plain concrete or concrete glazed (will not blow over) has a LED insert with an 8 hour life before you have to charge it again. 
My head is spinning!!!
So, it is a furniture show after all, let's look further. More webbing. 
A fun new line, that is dreamily comfortable. Totally whimsical, see the one painted leg? Envision these in a coastal sun room
What's a girl to do when seeing these? Get out the order pad! So many color combinations and materials, these ottomans are multi-purpose; lift off the top for storage, pull out the side's also a drinks table!

More organic elements combined to beautiful effect. From Spain; leather, linen, caning, ceruse wood. 

A client is looking at the CLOUD sofa from RH, I would like for him to consider this, with that please do not make me get up feel. And how about all those jewel toned pillows?
It is all in the details, what a nice effect and a look I spied often

LIGHTING......Oh to have the height and space for the clustered look

Oh yeah, this was a killer showroom!
My fav of the show
My second fav 
Clever, a massive old dough bowl turned light fixture
We recently let go of the Dash and Albert rug line for Jaipur.
 I am loving the variety and the quality, the Kate Spade patterns and the global influences.
 Area rugs are exploding as prime players in a rooms decor, virtual floor jewelry

Good design is everywhere. This is the interior of a showroom bathrooms' door hardware. Kudo's Bliss Studio!
Highpoint market also includes a boat load, actually many boat loads of antiques. Due to arrive to the shop is a portion, of a truckload, of antiques. Included is this baby, and tell me, who does not need a Congo trunk?! 
C. 1930's Belgian Congo shipping crate. All of the wording is the address from Belgium to Congo, let there be no mistake to where it was headed!
 I see fun, whimsy, a conversation piece turned coffee table. You may see a fool xo

With love,


  1. Wow! There are so many beautiful things in this post that I do not know where to start! I love all of it. So many great finds for the store, I wish I was there to shop.

  2. Thanks for the trip to High Point. Cant't wait to see the new rugs. And p.s. A lot of your favorites were my favorites too!

  3. Lots of eye candy, Debra. I am in love with the chunky beaded chandelier (your fav). Love the Jaipur and Kate Spade rugs as well. I have long been a fan of the vintage Provence olive jars, but they are often so pricey. Are you planning on carrying them in your shop? Great choices all around.

  4. hi victoria
    the chandy (our fav) is coming in, olive jars only if special order. have some coming in let me know if interested, i just placed an order

  5. Debra,
    I'm on visual beauty overload. Wow! I especially like the organic materials they're using on anything and everything. I love the look and feel of that. How do you decide what is coming home with you when faced with so many incredible choices. Thanks for bringing us along.

  6. When the world is going crazy, just sink in to all of this beauty! I'll just take a couple of those cane and leather chairs! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love those concrete lamps, terrific to use on a deck. I assume the LED part can be recharged.
    And those very nice square wooden planters. And the clever multi-use ottoman. So many good things, and that gorgeous coral color.
    I do like that Spanish chair -- what line is it?

  8. hi emm
    write me to chat about the spanish chairs

  9. Those planters are calling my name! This was a fabulous tour. I am so behind on my blog reading!!


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